Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting Around

In my kitchen window
A lot of orchids I need
Just for the return of blooms
A beauty pageant indeed.

 At the beach
We always love to play
A little chilly
But lots of happiness today.

This reminded me of a sketch, love the curly tail. 

Early blooms in my yard


  1. Orchids in your kitchen window??? How awesome is that!!!!! Love it... Love your spring blooms (crocus, hyacinths, etc.)... AND your birdies are loving the spring weather --just like the rest of us.

    Have a great weekend, Steve.

  2. I love orchids! Beautiful. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. birds and blooms all such welcome sights.

  4. Your birds have some gourmet food!

  5. A nice collection of birds there....:)

  6. We enjoy spying the woodpeckers here. They always give us audible hints. Nice shots.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Everything! You are so talented. Such joy to visit your world with you here!
    Melanie Ann :)

  8. Oh... PJ Kabos isn't yet sold int he USA... I'll let you know when it is. It really is one of the best Olive Oils I've ever tasted.

  9. The orchids are lovely, Steve, although I have never had much success with indoor plants, so nice to see yiurs flourishing. Our feeders have been emoty for awhile to discourage all the unwelcome starlings and grackles for awhile. Soon, they will be foraging in the newly turned fields and the cardinals, finches, wrens and soarrows will hopefully return. I have some flowers similar to those purple ones in our yard, but unsure of their name.

  10. Lots of feathered and petaled beauties around your space. Beautiful.


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