Thursday, March 27, 2014

Warm For A Week, Maybe


 The snow remains on hillsides that don't get sun and going down trails that have glaciated all winter. It is the last reminder of winter although the bitter cold has lingered. I stayed on the leaves so as not to slip and fall while out playing. It is nice to wear a light jacket and no gloves, but all remains in my car just in case. I always keep cold clothes in the car year round, mornings camping and fishing can be brisk. I will get the tents out this week and set them up, making sure all are ready for warm weather adventures. I plan on going out this weekend, but can't find anyone to join me other than a pair of crazy dogs. I am headed to get a black raspberry soft serve ice cream cone this morning, along with some good cheese at a small creamery.

This guy has his seasons mixed up being the harbinger of cold weather in the fall.

Big cat
Herons have returned

Singing me a love song
Cooing the day away
Tell me something new
Out on the prairie.


  1. Awww, the pups are excited and that icecream sounds Good! Hope you enjoyed!

  2. Some great, cold looking shots. Keep them doggies near with big cats roaming the area...

  3. It has been a roller coaster March for sure! :)

  4. Well you found a little bit of spring!

  5. A wonderful outing, despite the cold. Your dogs are wonderful. And I love that last image!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Your happy dogs always bring a smile to my face. Hang in there, spring is on its way.

  7. Some beautiful feathered and furry friends. Nice to see some signs of spring.

  8. ...and your winter snow is almost gone! Yippee!

  9. Lily's going to need a trim when spring finally arrives. :) Love the little yellow bird in the tree.

  10. A lovely variety of shots. Lots to see and do "out on the prairie" ! You are smart to keep warm clothes and such in your car. Your weather is like Kansas weather--it can turn on a dime. Hopefully all of us will get some warmer weather that will stay around for more than a day or two. Have a nice weekend. Mickie:)

  11. Hello there - thanks for your comment over at mine, I was curious and came to see your corner of the world...

    but I wasn't expecting you to say you were heading off for some ice cream after seeing the chilly weather - hope they served a good coffee to go with it brrrrrr ;)

    Love that action shot of your two dogs shoulder to shoulder in their race to get to you and of course my eyes were drawn to the birds - your winters are stark and harsh but the wonderful upside is you get to see the birds and other creatures a little more easier ... not so sure I'd want to meet the big cat though*!*

  12. Well at least you have those cute pups willing to go camping out with you.
    Ice cream sounds good

  13. Its a little odd how the snow compacted trails are the last to clear and you have to walk on the edge to avoid falling....

  14. This is a wonderful series of images.
    Your spring looks just about like ours does right now, but all the days have still been very cold. :-(

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Hi there, We are back from ANOTHER trip. This time we were in Georgia checking out yet another waterfall... Check my blog today when you get a chance.

    It's a great idea to carry extra clothes in your car --for the weather/season. We encountered some interesting weather everywhere we went this month.. Good 'ole March!!!!! ha

    Love your birdie photos.. My birds are glad I'm home... ha

    Have a great weekend.

  16. glad to see the snow has (almost) melted. some lovely shots.

  17. Your neck of the woods is beautiful, even with the mixed-up seasons.

  18. spring's coming! great series of photos!
    and thanks a lot for your wonderful comment!
    happy weekend~

  19. Each time I look at your pictures and read your posts I get a good example of what to do with myself around here. I'm just still trying to remember to do these things. One of these days I'll get it right.

  20. Great photos, I especially loved the birds. Nice to see a "big cat" photo mixed in there as well!


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