Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oh Mister Bluebird

Spring songs
Call out to me
Gentle songs
On a prairie breeze.

 A short return of winter, then a little Spring. It makes it hard to dress good to follow all these changes. I have a clothes bar in my van always. Sometimes I just change the clothing, but it is always nice to have warmer clothes should it change to cold, even on a summer evening camping. My van is like a giant suitcase, never losing warm weather gear once it is added.

Sing a song for me!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Warm For A Week, Maybe


 The snow remains on hillsides that don't get sun and going down trails that have glaciated all winter. It is the last reminder of winter although the bitter cold has lingered. I stayed on the leaves so as not to slip and fall while out playing. It is nice to wear a light jacket and no gloves, but all remains in my car just in case. I always keep cold clothes in the car year round, mornings camping and fishing can be brisk. I will get the tents out this week and set them up, making sure all are ready for warm weather adventures. I plan on going out this weekend, but can't find anyone to join me other than a pair of crazy dogs. I am headed to get a black raspberry soft serve ice cream cone this morning, along with some good cheese at a small creamery.

This guy has his seasons mixed up being the harbinger of cold weather in the fall.

Big cat
Herons have returned

Singing me a love song
Cooing the day away
Tell me something new
Out on the prairie.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

No Bull

 It's Spring!
A few days of warm and Spring returns us back to reruns. The wind just goes through you, it is hard to avoid. I laughed laying on a picnic table gathering the suns rays, thinking how in a few months it may be too warm. I put my hands inside my sleeves more, too lazy to go grab some gloves from  the car. I still have my heavy parka with me, but only use it when sitting outside for a long time. My eagle friends have pretty much flown the coop. Sad to see these friends leave, but I am looking forward to being greeted by new plants soon when out on the prairie. That cold wind kisses my cheek and continues to carry happiness to all. I lounge back with my eyes closed and listen to the pups running circles around me, exploring every sight and smell.

I can't bear this snow anymore.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 The large bird soared high above carefully watching for a meal. There is no problem with flying 50-60 miles each day in search of prey. When fall first approaches the Turkey Vultures head south and the eagles arrive from the north. It is a simple exchange and often in such a short time one forgets how many can be seen each day. This exchange begins again this month when the spring thaws begin and the rivers once frozen offer food in new places. It is sad to see these beautiful eagles leave. They often give one an opportunity  to travel just to watch them. Many days are spent just seeing how close I can get to them. Hours are spent sitting patiently awaiting their movement and hoping they will return to a perch nearby. Soon a side glimpse catches the flutter in the water and down they swoop picking up a fish  and flying to a limb to consume this marine treasure. They sometimes will try to get an easy meal trying to steal what another has caught. These antics  along with a few wrestling moves midair are what one never gets to see unless you watch for a long time. Days can be bitter cold, yet they are still hunting, maybe the cold gives them added energy. When the river freezes, they fly more south to open water and wait for thaws to return to the north. Some will stay and nest, but most of them have better hunting areas to the north.

Here one sits with a immature friend who hasn't molted to the bold colors until they are 3-5 years old.