Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day

I am hoping all are having a great Valentines Day. You are suppose to get out the red, eat lots of chocolate and decorate with hearts. Here is Red smiling.
Me decked out in some red and a red toy. Maybe I could lasso a Valentine with my red rope. LOL

Here are some hearts I have assembled this year

One I found

Lots of cards sent, I will be with  my kids this weekend looking at wedding dresses. Not for me, but looking forward to that celebration. Hope you all indulge in some good chocolate.


  1. Love the last photo, Steve. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. AWWW!! LOVE RED the PUG!Hahaaaa!! What a gorgeous smile!
    And you would be a Wonderful Valentine for anyone to catch!!
    Love the hearts...

  3. The chocolate sounds so good. The hearts are interesting especially the rocks.

  4. No chocolate for me, It's not on my diet. Have a Happy Valentines day and have fun wedding dress shopping

  5. My favorite photos and style are the hearts in the snow.

  6. A very Happy Valentine's Day to you Steve! xo

  7. Happy Valentines! Yes, of course I've been in the chocolate today (and every day ;-))

  8. Belated Hearts Day wishes to you, Steve. I have the feeling that you also celebrate it all year long and not just on one certain day, like ourselves, and wish more folks would do so too.


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