Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pond Bubbles

 Pond bubbles can become dangerous when one is skating. A recent thaw put real nice ice on most ponds and a few streams. These just became a challenge, and play harder for the day. Today this area is full of snow again, waiting for another chance to provide a day of play. Good ice in February usually doesn't happen often so I will watch it more closely.

Pond bubbles are
Sleeping under
A soft blanket
Of sparkling snow.


  1. SUCH great photos - reading your posts, I always feel as if I'd just been out walking with you.

  2. looks like the birds were out in full force. I guess they don't mind pond bubbles

  3. You've got a lot of American goldfinches.

  4. Love the snow photo with the old farm equipment... BUT--I really LOVE your bird photos...

    I only walked on an iced-over lake once --and was scared to death when I did it... ha


  5. I haven't been skating on a pond since I was in college. That was on a trip to Colorado. The ponds here freeze but usually not safely enough for skating.

  6. Be careful on those ponds! Loved the collection of colorful feeding birds.

  7. What a nice selection of birds here. And I really liked the photo of the snow-covered machinery.

  8. Skating on thin ice is never a good thing, Steve, both literally and physically. Enjoyed seeing the birds coming in for a meal as I had to stop filling the feeders once the greedy starlings and grackles started hogging all the food.

  9. I hope you got the same warmup we did here. Hopefully a lot of your snow melted by now. We still don't have much snow in this part of Iowa. It keeps going around us.


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