Monday, February 10, 2014

Diamonds In The Rough

Hey , wait for me

A young woodpecker
Gazes around from a tree
Nobody around
But two dogs and me
Out on the prairie.

You can see the different levels in this nest with its papery outside peeled off by the wind.

The snow sparkled like diamonds. We followed a snowmobile trail for a bit before coming into a more familiar route. The sun out was a novelty with most days being overcast. It has been a long winter wearing away at ones soul with forever cold. It seems warm  when the wind isn't blowing causing some extreme wind chills. A few days went above the freezing mark and quickly melted some of the snow, leaving ice and mysterious shapes. The dogs never seem to care if it is cold when they can run along the trails and discover  new sights and smells. I laugh sometimes when I get ready to shoot a picture and both of the pups want to see just what I am looking at, and get in my shot. I have had them scare off birds and butterflies, many different critters that catch my eye. I have to laugh since they always give me some great company while out enjoying nature.


  1. Beautiful winter scenes, Steve. I especially like the next to the last image.

  2. what a fabulous outing!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  3. I noticed the other day how sparkly the snow was. It was like the roads were lined with diamonds.

  4. I cannot get over the size of that wasp nest. It must have been huge. Isn't it nice we have our dogs to get us outside and remind us it is a big adventure, no matter how cold. As always great photos. Thanks for the walk.

  5. I like the long winter shadows on the white snow.

  6. Dogs are the most fun companions to have when out enjoying nature.

  7. I love how snow sparkles like diamonds. So beautiful. But so hard to capture with the camera.

  8. The little dogs do seem to be having fun!

  9. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading. Some nice shots. It hasn't snowed here yet in England.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  10. Steve, I enjoyed the snow sculptures in this post and a previous one. Nothing like having company too even if some shots don't go quite the way you planned.

  11. I know all about the helpers not being much help at times. :) Have a great day Steve!

  12. Goodness...that poor nest!!
    Love the photos!


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