Friday, December 6, 2013

Hidden Treasures

What a great gravel bed to sift for treasures.
Post-Pennsylvanian Glaciation, I love the wear striations in this rock.

This same formation appears  when clay washes perpendicular with the stone above. This stone was palm sized however, not like the giant stones similarly found in the Painted Desert.

 Gee, while you are bent over brushing off leaves on this gravel bed. let me distract you also, by climbing up on your back.
Amazing new growth still found

Clam Shells  in limestone

Moss Volcano
These dogs had to climb every tree crossing this stream.

A few interesting treasures
You look at them and not be sure
What I may have found
Looking for ancient points
In a former Sac- Fox village
Out on the prairie.


  1. We tend to enjoy the birds , plants and animals but as you show the rocks show us what happened in the past and how our land was shaped.

  2. You sure found some wonderful treasures here, Steve. I especially love the puppy on a log though.. and on your back.

  3. Love the dogs on the log. Cutest little things!

  4. You found an abundance of treasures. Love the dog on your back, too cute


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