Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eagle Watching

Eagle watching
Not watching me
Hundreds of geese
And two little  puppies.
Someone's shell collection left near a tree.
A burst out of the leaves, some so deep she disappears entirely. She is the same color so often hard to see, one just needs to listen to crashes and rustles.

The Mama was Brahma, and Dad a black headed Red Angus.
This guy was French

A few new Barn Quilts

Eagle watching me
Can you see
Him in the tree?


  1. So many great images. I love that barn, and the dog too. The last one is fantastic too.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Wonderful seasonal pictures. I like this time of year but I am not enjoying this cold snap.

  3. Mama Brahma seems to be watching you, and she doesn't look friendly. I really like the sunlight shining through the leaves in #15. Keep an eye on your "girls" with those eagles around!

  4. Love the cow pics...Especially mama with the hook em horns! All your pics are fantastic!

  5. Eagles really do give you the evil eye. They see you long before you know it. Probably many times they see us wiith out us ever seeing them. This post gave a great story of fall in photos.

  6. Some excellent photos but the last one is so serene.

  7. Yup. A tiny spot top left. Practice makes perfect as they say....;)

  8. I love the cow pics and the barn and the barn quilt...sheesh...they're all good!

  9. I so enjoy your photos. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could get moon photos like you do. Yours are wonderful.

  10. most enjoyable walking with you

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  11. Once more a beautiful collection of photos, Steve.
    I love the barn and your full moon.

  12. You really live in a beautiful part of the world! What a great set of photos. I love the ones of the cattle - they look so healthy and vibrant. And I really like the last photos of the moon and the clouds and the close ups of the leaves. Lovely!

  13. Every photo is my favorite! Nicely done.

  14. I love what you see on your walks. Those bovine are ..divine! And the eagle is just so cool to see. I like that you found somebody's discarded shell collection. And I love your little shadow explorers.

  15. so many beautiful sights out there while eagle watching. thanks for taking us along


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