Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Cold End Of The Year

 The wind whipped across the frozen water and picked up extra cold to add to it's penetrating force. I was dressed with multiple layers, but it still found its way to chill me. I kept moving hoping to ward off the cold, but it stayed with me all morning. Little dogs dressed in pink camouflage  didn't seem to mind since a walk is what we all needed to ward off the cabin fever from being inside all morning. I was looking for a Pileated Woodpecker, hoping to find it in a area I had seen it the year before. What a good year this has been, lots of new discoveries and total enjoyment of life out on the prairie. I soon forgot the cold and laughed at the antics of the dogs so oblivious to the cold as their noses kept seeking out scents around. They helped pace me well and we soon found a huge flock of geese in company of three eagles. There was still a small channel running on one side of the river that is the attraction of these mighty birds. They stay in this area to hunt all winter. Coming home I counted over fifty in a mile stretch roosting for the night. A friend stopped by for dinner and it felt good to have enjoyed a frigid day outdoors.

Happy New Year to all from Out On The Prairie


Friday, December 27, 2013


It was a day of snowmen rather than snow sledding. Warm weather came in for three days and offered some solace to the bitter cold we have had. It was fun to see so many people out enjoying it today. I took some sunflower seed to a local conservation center for a gift and shot pics all morning. These are from the day before south of me a ways. Getting ready to start the grill and cook steaks and crab legs.


                                                                     Wild Turkey track

 Dogs on a run down the road.

Bald Eagles don't change color with the white  head until they are 3-4 years

 It is real hard to see the Belted kingfisher watching this tiny thaw in a streams ice. This as many of you know is very allusive and hard to get a shot on.
 And finally after many tries I got a few close-ups.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Aftermath

 A bit demanding don't you think?
Nice to finally have some sun and blue sky.

 Huge flocks of geese line the banks along the river. It is not uncommon to have them fly over for 15 minutes headed for a good field to sleep. It has been real cold to get out for very long, but has warmed to make it nice to wear off a huge meal I made for a few friends for the holiday. The holiday spirit still lingers as the days warm for a bit. Need to get over and clear some snow for a 88 year old friend, but was hoping the above freezing temperature  might shrink it a bit. He was over yesterday and had forgotten to ask when the last snow left a heavy blanket. It is just for looks, he no longer lives at the home having moved into an apartment. I made faces at his grandson, but didn't get much response right off the bat. I am sure my stare will work eventually.

Need some thaw to make perfect ice on my skate rink. Last year it was like glass and we had some good times on it.
Full of prime rib scraps these two never stop until  we get home.

Did someone say cookie?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holiday

It snowed all night long. I kept watching it coat a spruce in the yard each time I got up. I went out at first light to be those first tracks in a major snow. I also wanted to get the plowing done early.

A pocket Rosary
This could be the end for many of his nine lives.
Homemade ornaments