Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prairie Views

The world premiere of a lovely concert

 As I sit and write this I am not sure I had planned this to happen as it has. I have returned to the farm after living in the Loess Hills for the last two years. I loved the area being close to a few boyhood haunts and also close to where my family homesteaded four generations  ago. I still feel a yearning to be there, but being back at my home has a warmth in it as well. I am back still with that restless urge to keep going somewhere new, and more than likely will never stop until this body ceases to exist. Today the wind chill was unnerving, but I still ran out to record the beauty of a first snow. The fall colors are dwindling, but still around. Last Saturday I lay on a picnic table with two silly dogs reliving when I had first came to the park I was in as a child, and marveling that they would make the river the largest lake in Iowa. I went first in need of pastries, and also to share my thoughts with a best friend. I wanted to be sure what I had given up was what I needed to do and found true happiness while talking. My extended family is very good to me and I have a network to keep me in line and to enjoy my life at it's fullest.

I had plans to visit the Philippines the end of this month and enjoy the companionship of two good friends who have made me a member of their family unit for thirty years. They have homes in Manila and Sacramento, CA. If you watch the news you see one of the worst storms came through and tore many peoples homes and lives apart. Another is possibly on it's way and many are without their basic needs. My friend put out pleas to send what you can to the Philippine Red Cross and keep those who have suffered in your prayers.

So today as I post this, I also marvel that this is my 500th post. I still have some original followers who have became very close friends. Many of you have given me very nice compliments through the years and I always try to return the favor as well. My early blogs shared prose I had written while doing research and restoration work on this lovely prairie that I live in. I took  the information that families shared and made it into a story, sharing the hard copy with the families that I interviewed in my travels. It is the strength in our families that made this land what it is and I still try to build on that hoping to help new families use their strengths to thrive as well. Times have changed and it is hard to get together as we did when I was growing up. My mother never worked and stayed to take care of six children. With our economy this is hard to do any more, but a few still try to live this dream. A good friend stays with his children while his wife provides for their large family, a reversal of roles, but very nice to be able to do. When invited over neighbors wonder if they missed an invite since such a large crowd is at my home.

When I first told people about restoring prairie and doing this as a hobby many were baffled why I wanted to do so. In the 1800's this area was 87% prairie where now it is less than 1%. Was it a good move many wonder, we do help feed the world. It was the beauty that called to me to help, there is a very spiritual mode I am in when in my glory. I have worked at this for over two decades and never received more than a thank you from the people around me, but the land has thanked me graciously. When I go and see some of the beauty it is like going to a art museum and feeling I have worked with some of the greatest artists around. I laugh talking the other day that my week can become complete watching a few birds, watching a spider spin it's web or discovering somewhere I never have visited. I shoot over 400 photos a month and never leave home without my camera intentionally.  I like to share a few with you and hear your ideas. If I am not a member of your blog, please remind me where to go and become one. I hope to have 500 more blogs and share my happiness and enthusiasm that spreads across this land for all to enjoy if they only listen and observe. This happiness is always sent perhaps as a memory,chant or song carried on a gentle prairie breeze, out on the prairie.

It is hard to always get to the top, but a treasure is always waiting

One can walk for miles when on top of the Loess Hills in Iowa, or up in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

A deer trail may be all one has to follow and return

 Golden Heart Productions, was started in 2005 with a friend Bumpy Rhodes.
Wow! 500 Posts can really take some energy!


  1. Congratulations on 500 posts, Steve. That's quite an accomplishment and definitely shows stick-to-it-ive-ness. I just looked back and realized that you and I have been exchanging comments for three years now. This post is a lovely way to celebrate the occasion.

  2. Out in the middle of no where is an awesome place to hang out. I have always lived in the middle of no where and never regreted it! Beautiful pictures you post.

  3. Wow, congrats on the #500 Steve and waiting to see you get to 1000 as well. Your love of the land, family and friends are very evident. Hope your friend who lives in Manila is safe. You look like the kind of the mountain in the last photo,

  4. Congratulations on your 500 th post. Your posts take much effort on your part and I appreciate them. There is very little native habitat left and they're not making anymore.
    When I was little about half the land was not developed. Now all the wonderful places I visited as a little boy are gone.

  5. Happy 500!!! May there be many more!

  6. wherever you go I know that you will find the beauty that surrounds you and you'll share it with us, your lucky readers.
    We are on day 2 of snow here.

  7. Congratulations on your 500th post Steve. Restoring the prairie and making it a life's work is a noble task. The photos you take bring a lot of joy to us out here. Thank you from one who appreciates them immensely:)

  8. Five hundred. That's good. Keep up the good work. And the same for prairie restoration. A cause I love as well.....;)

  9. Congratulations, Steve! Your beautiful blog brings a lot of joy -- and peaceful reflection -- to so many. Thank you for both enlarging and enriching my life.

    I understand about the restless feet -- don't think that will ever go away for my hub and me, not a bad thing -- but a home that anchors in rich history and tradition fills the heart.

    Thank you for working to restore the prairie. I wish more people had your dedication.

  10. Congrats on 500 posts! Your pictures are beautiful.

    Will you still travel to the Philippines later this month now? I hope your friend and his family are doing okay.

  11. Oh Steve! I hope you are happy that you made the move back...and I am SO sorry about your friends homeland!!! Horrible and more coming?? Bless their hearts!
    Also, Happy 500th Post!! I always look forward to reading them...
    Be happy friend!

  12. 500 posts is mind-boggling. You deserve such a pat on the back. The white feathers you find are supposed to mean that a loved one who died is watching over you. You must be doing something right.

  13. This is my first visit here, but it won't be the last. I live in a mountain paradise with a moderate 4 season climate, but I love the prairie. Doubt I could handle the climate, and certainly don't want to start now. But great to visit. Thanks for the work you do, and thanks for sharing it!


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