Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 For many one sits in a tree stand and hopes for a trophy to pass. I often ask hunters what they are after, the meat or mount for the wall. I have eaten a lot of it, but still like to go to the store and get meat, it is so much easier. I can ask for a piece from a few friends,  but like them alive the best. I still marvel having shot the big buck, and have my digital image to prove it. A good friend, Bumpy Rhodes, often goes out with me in search of that best shot. In November the deer start a rut, or mating season, that puts them out in full force. After this the bucks aren't as easy to find, preferring the deeper woods. On this day we "bagged" nine bucks, three does and only a few yearlings.
This poor guy has his tongue hanging out. Perhaps worn out or hungry for more play.

 A youngster
 Beautiful oaks

A yearling

Mom and her two kids. By the rough fur on her back one can assume she was rounded up for someone's harem , but still made it back to the kids. Perhaps it wasn't her time.


  1. Beautiful animals. I can't imagine shooting one. Where I live, seems not such an issue as two of my three sons became hunters. One shot one and had enough. Another goes each weekend. Third son cooks it for them when he comes home.

    At the lake, a large buck strides down the middle of our street every night. Right down the middle. Like he owns the joint. Perhaps he does.

  2. You found some awesome bucks. They have some beautiful racks. so I wonder how many make it through hunting season?

  3. You got some beautiful "trophies"!

  4. My ex husband was a hunter so we always had deer meat in our freezer. I have to agree though that I would rather see them in the wild than on my plate.

  5. Oooh those are some awesome photos!!! Wow!

  6. I Love the way you hunt...Hahaaa!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. This to me is the best way to hunt with a camera and. It a weapon.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Steve.

  8. I so prefer the way that you shoot deer. This way they're around to be captured again and again. Beautiful images.

  9. You are right I did enjoy the photos. There were some wonderful bucks. I love the hunt itself, as well as the meat. There is something very satisfying about cutting up and eating your own meat. Thank you for sharing.


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