Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween

A whoosh of leaves
Leaves many in fear
As ghouls and goblins play.

Lots of candy already eaten
Is what it means to me
I just can't put it away.

So off I go shopping
To  the store again
One more bag should be okay.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Boot Camp

 The call came and I was happy to see who was calling, a daughter. "No matter what I say these kids are not listening. They are driving me crazy and will not mind." It was a sound of a worn out and very pregnant Mom. " Meet me at the farm and I will take them and give you a weekend off," I replied. "A little Baby Boot Camp with Papa?" she said. I hoped the shirts would still fit that I had printed with the Baby Boot Camp logo . It is nice to have the pleasure of their company, knowing at all extremes they would be happy to see their parents in a few days, and I would take a deep breath and remember the fun we had. The colors are out and my back forty full of tall grasses and beautiful trees for us to explore. I had a huge box of books and goodies I had acquired since I last had them so it would be fun to spoil them rotten. We started at a favorite malt shop, having malts, onion rings and assorted pie to share. On the way home a huge flock of gulls appeared and seemed to be coming out of the clouds nonstop as I drove down the highway. Perhaps 5-10,000 birds easily lasting for over a mile. The just kept adding on to the flock and I was truly amazed. I have seen some good sized flocks, but this was by far the largest. I pointed them out and was met with a look that said what the heck, birds. Well, sometimes it grabs them. My happiness floated off on a gentle prairie breeze for all to enjoy. I hope you felt it.

And of course how could it be a complete weekend without this baby, Lily.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Asters Full Of Butterflies

Stormy Weather

Yes, that is an exhaust pipe in the trucks bed

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last of Summer Blooms

 A Wood Duck swam past after flying away and returning. He had a large family who didn't want to get close. The last of the blooms remain in a protected garden, fall is here and summer has met it's end. The duck and family are soon due to head south.  It is sad to see all this change, but the color change is  fun. It is always nice not to have to live with air conditioning and have the windows open. I will enjoy seeing a lower bill and sleeping with just night noises lulling me asleep. I like to wrap up in blankets, but always am reluctant to give up my blooms around home and out on the prairie.

A large praying mantis has had a good year. This particular species is happy in my area and a treat to watch hunt. This was on my door waiting for me to get home.
Fishing is almost over, perhaps a few trout will lure me back out.

Dixie keeps track of everything I do. She tells people she has to mother me or I get way out of hand. I will share some of the bread I am making with her today, as I do with many of the other things I cook. She is a good neighbor to have, but sometimes a bit bossy. LOL

I needed a reading lamp next to my bed and after a great deal of shopping found this relic at Goodwill for $6.99. I wanted something unusual and found this golf themed lamp to accent my well decorated man cave. What a classic, a real one of a kind. Going to a number of lamp shops made me think back many years shopping for a chandelier for a formal dining room. Think about looking up for an entire day, it makes your neck ache.