Monday, September 30, 2013

Making Rope

Putting four double stands together and giving it a number of turns. When it gets tight one pushes a cloverleaf shaped tool slowly to the other end and binds the two ends. Instant rope put together by generations of people at a tiny historical museum in a town called Weeping Water, Nebraska. What a unique machine provided by a very unique couple who devote long hours to maintain this tiny museum. I was impressed with what they had since this was where my mother went to high school and I  was blessed to see her yearbook and picture again after so many years. Boyhood dreams relived warmed my heart and soul.

This lady made her first rope on a grade school outing and had brought her children here during a fall festival to do the same as she had when she was their age. Simple fun and happiness found out on the prairie.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Follow Me

These goats make some of the most wonderful cheese.

A little bird told me was a phrase my mother used often.

 Moon Flowers

As I stood on the shore
I thought of a friend,
Who left this world
On this day,
And hoped he was here
Fishing forever.
I'm going to be three

 Roasted peppers stuffed with lemon rosemary goat cheese

Sunday, September 22, 2013

That Song Of Happiness

Another weekend camping, I always hear that song. The song of prairie winds calling me, carrying me along. I find I am happier, being out on the plains. Give me the simple life , carried on a gentle prairie breeze. It got a bit nippy, cold is singing it's song. I'm out on the prairie, how could anything go wrong?

 Amazing watercolors

I'm feeling empty
I have to return home
A weekend of playing
Prairie winds greet me as I roam.

 Prairie Dogs

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can You Believe This?



Dinner or prince?

Campfire cooking

What a nice time enjoying the outdoors. The cool has been nice, my AC bill last month was terrible. I have seen lots of farmers harvesting and the colors are starting to appear giving a fall appearance to the prairie. I get nostalgic when summer ends, much like I do at the end of winter. It was nice to visit a local farmers market and get a few new potatoes to roast with some chicken over the campfire. The lake was decorated with thousands of water lily blooms. A young girl and her mom walked by one day harvesting some frogs for their meal. Lily and her new housemate Daisy have been playing at the lake a lot down at the farm. I don't get down often enough to see these wild dogs and miss our times together. My work keeps me across the state to much.