Friday, August 2, 2013

Nebraska Sandhills

A Prickly Poppy tells me of my love for this land. There is always a charm when I embrace this lovely area. The towns are small and the life amazing, it is nothing to go an hour to shop or visit a pool. In Valentine, Nebraska one eats a Sandstorm instead of a Blizzard as Dairy Queen serves as a beefed up  malt. You can have your valentines postmarked and mailed from this tiny town. I first stepped into this area as a child and marveled at the approach to the Rocky Mountains. Like the Loess Hills that I live in, the Sandhills become very big and resemble small mountains. I went to a state recreational area and was blessed to be the only camper in the park for seven dollars a night. Five small ponds, one stocked with trout, kept me very happy with my stay. It was a bit primitive, but I always enjoy this as taking me into a "wilderness". A tiny river flowed next to my campsite, but it's speed and drop made me envious I had not brought my boats. This was going to be a fishing and enjoying the sun  on the beach trip anyway. We visited a few trout streams, and a few lakes. One of the lakes, Merritt, was where Nebraska's biggest Walleye came from. I have a 20x30 photo that sits on a wall down at the farm in my living room. It has been a reminder to revisit this area as often as possible for around twenty years. From where I live now it over six hundred miles from me, so hard to do in the two days that I had. Walleye is the only other fresh water fish I really like to eat other than trout. I ate well on fish for a few days, coming home and sharing with friends a wonderful tale.

Prairie Morning Glory

Don't sit on me
Even though I
Am so tiny
I will sting.


  1. What an interesting post. Nebraska is a place I know very little about, and I certainly didn't know about these sand hills. The flowers are beautiful, and that photo of the winding river is just magical.

  2. Beautiful and interesting publication, Steve !
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have an excellent week-end !

  3. Just beautiful. I never knew there was anything like this in Nebraska.

  4. Too many people ignore the prairie as they think it has nothing to offer. You showed that it is a beautiful land.

  5. I love visiting the Sandhills of Nebraska. I've taken so many photos of the area and of the great little town of Valentine. Your photos are wonderful. Camping there must be a really fine way to spend a few days.

  6. I love wild flowers. and I especially love the white prickly poppy. I scattered some seeds last fall but none came up.

  7. Hi Steve, I loved the picture of your with your grandchildren... NEAT....

    Sounds like you had a fabulous camping/fishing experience with few people around (like I like it) --and lots of good eating!!!!!!!

    Great photos of the flowers from your area.

  8. Nebraska has it all. We have a desert area, rivers, streams, hills, flatlands, cities, lots of country... it is Utopia.

  9. I have never been to Nebraska, Steve, so thanks for this brief intro to some of its natural beauties. Sounds like you had a fun adventure. Ass always.

  10. Awesome pictures. The region of Wisconsin I am in is pretty sandy as well and I have some of the same species you too pictures of. I hear it has been dry there this year.

  11. Believe it or not I have been to Valentine. But I didn't eat at DQ there. Beautiful shots.

  12. I grew up in the Sandhills. some of my adult life was live around an hour and a half away from Valentine.


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