Friday, August 30, 2013

Amazing Elegance

These tiny galls are forming on a Woodland Nettle. It looked like bubbles everywhere as these plants grow in clumps. Soon the galls will be all green.

The strength of a new prairie

Damsel Fly
Many of you enjoyed this Partridge Pea which is a very good food to attract quail and pheasant.

These Hollyhocks were in the middle of a bleak landscape.

 Mother turkey and brood

MMMM I ate buffalo here

Tiger Swallowtail

 Freckles and me

Sometimes when I think of you
I think in so many ways
I see us in yesterday and tomorrow
I see us out on the prairie
In each and every way.

Platte River Beach,  LOL
Walk the shallows to a good sandbar.

A simple peck on the cheek
I wasn't sure for sure
Where it came from.

I know not where
But out on the prairie
It' s everywhere.


  1. There! I've had my lovely walk, and I haven't had to leave my stool!! When I first saw the nettle leaves, I thought maybe those were insect eggs!

  2. Your photos are always so enjoyable Steve. Happy weekend to you :)

  3. We walked the Platte river this summer when we were there. It was fun. Freckles looks nice.

  4. BNSF trains run here too. We've crossed the Platte river a time or two this summer.

  5. It looks as if that mama turkey had nine or ten young ones. That sure seems like a lot! I wonder if that's typical. Love the hollyhocks. That gray horse with the blue bridle looks like it might be part Arabian. Hope you and Freckles enjoyed your ride.

  6. A spiritual couple of poems that make us think about life. You always confirm my belief of the beauty of Prairie. Where I was raised it was short grass prairie.

  7. The poor ol' Platte -- will it ever be restored to it's former self?

    Great photos Steve!

  8. What beautiful photos. I liked them all, but I especially liked the Partridge Pea, which I had never heard of before. I liked the two poems as well.

  9. Beauty all around. But our rivers are drying up.

  10. Those hollyhocks are so pretty. That buffalo doesn't look too pleased about your meal

  11. These pictures show some3 of my favorite kinds of things. I spent today looking at many things just like this, and I am planning on going on a nice little trip tomorrow to get a closer look at nature just because of this.

  12. I love the color of those Hollyhocks!

  13. Steve, don't let those wild turkeys know that Thanksgiving is a few months away now and the holidays are coming sooner and sooner according to merchandise displays. Enjoyed seeing you and Freckles together.

  14. A lovely set of images. I like those galls.. that's new to me. I love hollyhocks. I'll need to plant some at my new place next year. And those babies are hard to resist.. even if they are goofy turkeys. :)

  15. You sure have a lot to see on that prairie! Love the frogs.

  16. Some of your best photos ever here! I especially like the ones of the cardinals, and the gall on nettles. Very nice!


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