Friday, August 30, 2013

Amazing Elegance

These tiny galls are forming on a Woodland Nettle. It looked like bubbles everywhere as these plants grow in clumps. Soon the galls will be all green.

The strength of a new prairie

Damsel Fly
Many of you enjoyed this Partridge Pea which is a very good food to attract quail and pheasant.

These Hollyhocks were in the middle of a bleak landscape.

 Mother turkey and brood

MMMM I ate buffalo here

Tiger Swallowtail

 Freckles and me

Sometimes when I think of you
I think in so many ways
I see us in yesterday and tomorrow
I see us out on the prairie
In each and every way.

Platte River Beach,  LOL
Walk the shallows to a good sandbar.

A simple peck on the cheek
I wasn't sure for sure
Where it came from.

I know not where
But out on the prairie
It' s everywhere.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another Journey

Sammy and Mini, two new friends.

Ailanthus Webworm Moth with a Milkweed Beetle

Another bridge for Ratty
Butterflies puddling

Where were you tomorrow
You could have joined me today
I am out on the prairie
Let me hear what you have to say.