Monday, July 29, 2013

A Day In My Life

 My three  grandchildren
A blessing to me
Lord giving all to see.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moth Of The Month,And A Few Other Thoughts

 It was only the beginning. I always stop at the back porch light because it invites a league of visitors. Many are ones I have seen, but occasionally I find a beauty like this Great Leopard Moth, who stuck around for a few days.

 Here is another insect party on this sumac bloom. Lots of beetles and a tiny wasp.

Eastern Kingbird
 White Indigo

As I approached the lake
I looked to see
A tiny Damsel Fly
Was going to join me
On a kayak exploring
Out on the prairie.

Common Green Darner
The first set of bluebirds I showed you a few weeks ago are getting ready to fledge. I left for north central Nebraska to camp for a few days and was worried I might never see them again. They are almost like family when you watch them grow and finally fly away. Mom and Dad both were buzzing my friend Dawn while she held the nest open for me. This one is a cylinder that screws off to view them.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Prairie Walk


Grey Headed Coneflowers

Compass Plant
Milkweed Beetles will live their entire life on one plant sometimes
The song of a tiny bird calls to me
Sending thoughts of happiness and glee
This happiness floats across the land
Carried on a gentle prairie breeze
To be shared by both you and me.

White Clover
Milkweed blooms sweeten the air
Making me stop and wondering where
I can stand to enjoy them better.

Another new Bluebird family
 Pearl Crescent

This area was burned last year
Sumac bloom

Monday, July 15, 2013

In Your Own Front Yard

I watched as two types of bees were attracted to this Coneflower bed and enjoyed the buildup of pollen on their legs. They were very small,one under a quarter inch and the other half as small, but pleasant to watch as they enjoyed the day with me.It was going to be an active day with the start kayaking, then swimming and finally fishing.I took my extra boat hoping to find someone to join me, but all were too busy.I found beauty all around, but the best right in the yard.