Saturday, June 29, 2013


Catalpa in bloom
Currently there are bumper stickers and other things using all the different religious symbols to write these words. This was placed here many years ago as a memorial and I have always liked the thought of one day when we can all coexist in harmony in this world. It is sad what installs hate and misconceptions amongst people.I try to find peace , love and happiness in my life out on the prairie.

When you get closer you can see the facial features were created when this tree absorbed a section of fence when it once grew in a fence row.

Harmony and love
I offer to all of you
Carried on a prairie wind
Across this great land
To worlds all around me.


  1. Very nice images Steve. Especially the milkweed. Wishing you an exciting 4th! xo

  2. An oasis of simple sanity. Thanks


  3. This is a lovely post. I had the same feelings on the African savannah on our recent trip. I do believe the essential nature of things is harmony.

  4. Love the milkweed photos. It is one of my favorite prairie flowers. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.

  5. It seems so simple to just live and let the other guy be. Then somebody has to come along and make somebody think how he thinks. It's power some want when they force others to follow their line of thinking.

  6. Yes, to coexist often means doing our best, one day at a time, to make all things right with other humans and especially the planet. It does take effort, something that so many forget.

  7. Now if everyone could jump on the coexist bandwagon it would be a wonderful world :)
    Love the shots and that tree is very cool It's amazing how trees can adapt to their environment and continue to thrive

    To answer your question from my blog about the grubby candles. I made them from cheap dollar store emergency candles. Dipped them in wax and then in spices several times to grubby them up

  8. Great photos and a wonderfully heart-felt post Steve. I am clapping my hands and I hope what you feel will happen one day.
    An English Girl Rambles

  9. A lovely series of photos.

  10. Nice photos and right and good words.


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