Friday, June 21, 2013

Back Home

A gentle sunset spreads a smile out on the prairie. A few weeks ago I visited the start of the Elkhorn River in Nebraska and jumped across the twin springs.Recently someone tried to swim this channel hundreds of miles downstream here and spring rains had it full to the banks, causing a rescue to help save a couple of swimmers. I recently purchased a third tent that was smaller than my other two and a lot easier to set up by myself.I went to both Two Rivers and Eugene Mahoney State Parks to fish in Nebraska , and fish some more.The fire is getting ready to fix trout and eggs for breakfast.I place a skillet on top of the coals and cook easily. I fished nearly 20 hours in a few days with a good friend. My happiness was shared with all of you on a gentle prairie breeze.

This mallow was all over and a treat to see in mass.

Such simple beauty
Often enjoyed
At days final end
I love to be part of
Out on the prairie.


  1. It is good to travel and to have a trip in a tropical country, but it is so good to back home.
    Have a nice week-end, Steve !

  2. 20 hours, that's a lot of fishing. Looking at all your pictures I know it was a very enjoyable 20 hours

  3. This is a time of year and location where you can lean back and say, "Isn't it good to be alive?"

  4. some great pictures there. I especially liked the tightly furled fern frond and the sunset.

  5.'re home!!! I've been gone too...went to Omaha!!!

  6. I can smell the sweet clover. It looks wonderful. Great photos. I feel as if I was there. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a fabulous trip! Love the photos.

  8. Oh, it looks like you had FUN! That's Lots of fishing there Steve!

  9. What a beautiful spot. It's nice to get away but nicer still to appreciate what you have in your own world. And nobody does that better than you.


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