Saturday, May 18, 2013

Of course I can't do much unless it involves Morels or fishing this time of year.

Our lives can be tumultuous
But never in the woodlands
Where I strike gold and grey.
A scourge on this Earth, the tick, who always likes me, since I am so sweet and easy.Friend zero, me three, ticks just let me be.I am out on the prairie ever so much, I itch for hours when I feel their touch.Never let them dissuade you, from ever going out into my land. Visit the woodlands, feel their touch, but yet let me give you my hand. I always say,"Stay off the warm blooded trails." ,you may hate their reproach, and sometimes deadly charm.Tick radar will get you, you warm blooded treat.
I really like how the pattern of the bark that remained on this bare tree.It also was sand blasted down along the Missouri River.

At first I thought Hummingbird nest as I assumed it with the spider web fastenings, but it  was too large. I next remembered Goldfinch build with thistle silk and they may look the same as this a year later.

I need this token
Of prairie beauty
To be in my backyard
Along with these bluebells
Looking so very pristine,
Out on the prairie.


So you  want to go out into the woods and walk aimlessly about searching for one of the tastiest mushrooms one could ever eat and come home with so little? My Mom might go and show you how, but I think I will stay here with Grandma.See ya!

Summer is here
Summer is near
A lively very warm day
Spent meeting from here
To there, and everywhere
I continue always
To go out and play.

Great antlers by Dawn Storm
First to come
Are the tasty greys
Next come the gold
Who give them away
In golden splendor.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm forever


  1. I never once saw a tick till I got to this part of the country. They're something I'll have to watch out for from now on. But it's all worth it.

  2. Those darn ticks! They fall from the oak trees (Texas)when they sense bodily heat. Can't stand them! Granddaughter is a sweetie!
    Love the photos Steve!

  3. I got 5 when I took one of my waterfalls pics...itched for 3 days and thought I felt them in my hair for a week. ICK!!! I haven't searched for morels in a long time... yummy!

  4. You have made an effort to become an expert on mushrooms and benefit from it. Ticks? I agree we have to get out in spite of them. Awareness helps to fight the tick.

  5. Wish I could find some morel mushrooms. I've never had one!!!!! Everyone says they are delicious...

    Great spring photos. Love the precious little girl. A Granddaughter I assume? The antler one is funny!!!!!

    Be sure and check for ticks. Something ate me up in our yard this past week. I'm itching like crazy... Had to get out the vinegar!!!!!


  6. My husband feels the same way about chanterelles.

    I haven't had a tick in ages. Western Washington suburbs must not be the right climate for them.

  7. Love that first picture, Steve. The tick...not so much. Hate ticks! I'd never have been able to hold still long enough to get a picture of one on me. Looks like a successful mushroom-hunting trip. Happy eating.

  8. I can't say I've ever eaten them.. the morels, that is. Well I've never eaten a tick either, for that matter. ;) I like your warning to "Stay off the warm blooded trails." And the wee one is such a cutie.

  9. I've yet to have a problem with ticks. Hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying so :)
    Your granddaughter is a cutie

  10. Hi Steve - it's been a while. I have been a rather reclusive creature for some time. Nice to read back over your last posts. I hope you are well (ticks like me, too!). All best, Claire

  11. I always seem to be a mosquito magnet, thankfully not so much for ticks but have had the stray couple and fear them more so as several friends suffer from limes symptoms. Never tasted morels but looks like you have had a successful and tasty hunt. Antler shot is funny; granddaughter is cute.

  12. I detest ticks Ugh, I am paranoid about them when I am outside.

  13. lovely to see spring traveling northward. no morels here but after hearing about all the swooning from many I must try them at least once before I leave this earth.

  14. That's it -- buying some morels tomorrow. OH YUM!

    Just about wherever we've been, there've been ticks. Only had a problem once. Suffocated it with fingernail polish.

    Your friend's granddaughter is darlin'.

  15. My husband and his friend picked 14 lbs of morels last weekend. They weren't prime like yours, but they are still very good. :)

  16. Wonderful serie, Steve.
    Try to cok a chicken with morels and sour cream sauce. Yummy !


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