Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Daze

For the Hatfield kidz

Babies across the street
Raised for a 4-H project
Aren't they cute?
Dangerous fog and rain.

I like area specific books and try  to get both Iowa and Nebraska since I live in SW IA and about 5 miles from the Missouri River, taking me into Nebraska. I liked this book since a plant photography class I took,has my professor as most of the pics.Always too cool shooting with him.
We were in the middle of knowhere  in NE, Fathers Day and his first in over a decade of being married and not at home. I drew him a card with the rest of the group forgetting I had two daughters.I spent two months at this biological station.
 I'm strutting my stuff now , He's strutting his stuff.
Who wrote it?

American Bald Eagle nest

Just plain beautiful
Of course since I am 5 miles from crossing the Missouri River,  I had to get an area specific guide at the Mahoney State Park gift shop. Hopefully this will help further westward also.Both of these books were thirty bucks new, but I knew if I wasn't lazy I would have checked a few vendors.


  1. Interesting post, Setve ! The baby rfabbits are very cute. The flowered tree are very beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the bunnies! I love books from gift shops... I have an old Missouri Wildflowers book that I refer to all the time.

  3. That little lop-eared bunny is just too cute. And that flowering tree is absolutely glorious.

  4. Those are some mighty fancy books! I hope before long they don't look as new as they do now. I know the new plant identification book I purchased last year already looks like it has went through a hurricane.

    I have found that the world becomes more beautiful with every new plant that I can identify. I can remember being younger and driving rural roads that had ditches full of "weeds". Being able to identify them now had made appreciate these places much more. Before long you'll be finding the good spots and without a doubt you'll be going back every year to make sure the plants are still there.

  5. Good guide books open our eyes to much more of the world that we pass by. I find I have to be pretty careful in what i buy as books may look good but not be what you're looking for.

  6. About the morels, you are a lucky man, Steve.

  7. I always enjoy your posts Steve, you've got some interesting shots here and bunnies are so cute. Books look very interesting too.

  8. Yup, the bunnies are sure cute. Guidebooks are handy but ouch on the cost of your 2 new ones, Steve.

  9. Ola,coelhinhos encantadores,flores lindas,uma ótima dica para livros,enfim ,uma postagem excelente.Meu abraço.SU

  10. those baby rabbits are so cute and the white blossoms on that tree are gorgeous

  11. Loving the bunnies as well!!! Too cute!
    And what a Gorgeous blooming tree!!!
    Happy weekend!

  12. sweet bunnies, beautiful flowering tree. I like to get state specific wildflower books to though I would tend more towards the field guides and would have forgone any that cost $30.

  13. Great Wildflower books, Steve. Amazing how something I used to call a 'weed' is really a gorgeous wildflower...

    The bunnies are precious... AND I love that flowering tree (white one)... Beautiful.

    We just got home from a week at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Had a fabulous time....

    Happy Mother's Day.

  14. Those bunnies are so cute but the flowering tree takes the cake!


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