Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dixie sees with blurred beauty
But remembers all
She has such eloquence
And always has a ball.

"I always want to learn something new
I'm always a "Mother" to all
Especially to you and your friends
Please hear my simple call."

Long life is made so simple
This is what Dixie would say
Each and every moment
Happiness out on the prairie.

An odd duck found along a rural road

An operatic
Given today.
I got home today
After traveling 850 miles
In  just two daze
A lovely time out on the prairie.


  1. The irises are so pretty, as are all the pink flowers. Enjoyed the "odd duck," too. :)

  2. In those 850 miles you found some brilliant spring blooms. More people should be like the lady in the first photo.

  3. redbuds are so stunning against a blue sky. love those iris, so subtle with their color and the phlox so vibrant.

  4. That's alot of driving in 2 days.... Daisy sounds like a neat lady. Mother? Sounds like happiness is the major part of her life... SO important!!!!!!

    Great photos and I love the Redbud blooms.


  5. That's a lot of miles! Dixie sounds wonderful.

  6. Despite her blurred vision, Dixie sure has a fine perspective of life. As do you with your camera lens. Wonderful photos, as always.

  7. an interesting looking duck. That gargoyle looks like it's ready to party. I think 850 miles would put me in a daze :)

  8. Lovely photos. Dixie sounds like a wonderful person.

  9. How could one not be happy "out on the prairie". Surrounded by such beauty--what a life! Beautiful photos. Mickie :)

  10. How do you always get such Neat bird photos??!! Great shot!
    Dixie sounds like a wonderful person!
    Happy weekend Steve!

  11. We could all benefit from Dixie's attitude, Steve. Thanks for sharing. Yes, that does should like a lot of travelling, but seeing and sharing makes it so worthwhile. Nearly all our road trips are done by auto as well and with family and friends in NJ and New England, the miles mount up fast.

  12. Sweet memories. Dixie has the right spirit.

  13. A most lovely friend to have. I am included in an all female coffee club of three most daze.Best friends are hard to beat.Good neighbor are often best.


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