Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun In The Sun

A visitor to a heavenly land
I will be away for a short time
Living on the big island of Hawaii
Still feeling that prairie breeze
Across the ocean.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Horsing Around

 Horsing Around
They are always
So pretty to me.

 Blackbird in a field of mustard

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting
For this moment to arise.

This is a Crappie that I caught about 25 of rather nice size.
My first phlox I photographed. I am sure you will see more, they always catch my eye.
A reptile demonstration for the county conservation at a beautiful park. This is a Blue Racer found on a railroad bridge. Dessa (shown here)said there were 15 coming out from one support pillar.It is considered a Pilot, since it finds good places to live during the cold winters, and many species soon join it.This kicks off a yearly snake count to always see the diversity of species.
When I travel I am often amused at the tiny towns that are same named as much more famous venues.
A storm brewing out on the plains. In the middle is a small rainbow being reflected from the cloud. 

 This is the Elkhorn River start I could jump over. Near me this is a huge river that borders one of my favorite fishing holes, with the Platte River.

Horsing around
It is hard to work
And not always play
What a beautiful family
Out on the prairie.

The Elkhorn River near me.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dixie sees with blurred beauty
But remembers all
She has such eloquence
And always has a ball.

"I always want to learn something new
I'm always a "Mother" to all
Especially to you and your friends
Please hear my simple call."

Long life is made so simple
This is what Dixie would say
Each and every moment
Happiness out on the prairie.

An odd duck found along a rural road

An operatic
Given today.
I got home today
After traveling 850 miles
In  just two daze
A lovely time out on the prairie.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Of course I can't do much unless it involves Morels or fishing this time of year.

Our lives can be tumultuous
But never in the woodlands
Where I strike gold and grey.
A scourge on this Earth, the tick, who always likes me, since I am so sweet and easy.Friend zero, me three, ticks just let me be.I am out on the prairie ever so much, I itch for hours when I feel their touch.Never let them dissuade you, from ever going out into my land. Visit the woodlands, feel their touch, but yet let me give you my hand. I always say,"Stay off the warm blooded trails." ,you may hate their reproach, and sometimes deadly charm.Tick radar will get you, you warm blooded treat.
I really like how the pattern of the bark that remained on this bare tree.It also was sand blasted down along the Missouri River.

At first I thought Hummingbird nest as I assumed it with the spider web fastenings, but it  was too large. I next remembered Goldfinch build with thistle silk and they may look the same as this a year later.

I need this token
Of prairie beauty
To be in my backyard
Along with these bluebells
Looking so very pristine,
Out on the prairie.


So you  want to go out into the woods and walk aimlessly about searching for one of the tastiest mushrooms one could ever eat and come home with so little? My Mom might go and show you how, but I think I will stay here with Grandma.See ya!

Summer is here
Summer is near
A lively very warm day
Spent meeting from here
To there, and everywhere
I continue always
To go out and play.

Great antlers by Dawn Storm
First to come
Are the tasty greys
Next come the gold
Who give them away
In golden splendor.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm forever

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Looking For Morels

One of the first of possible space creatures found in that remote and very secret place.
A very new to the wild mushroom Hunter/eater tasted this and said it was good raw.

My first Phlox
Standing wet to the pockets next to a big Cottonwood

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Daze

For the Hatfield kidz

Babies across the street
Raised for a 4-H project
Aren't they cute?
Dangerous fog and rain.

I like area specific books and try  to get both Iowa and Nebraska since I live in SW IA and about 5 miles from the Missouri River, taking me into Nebraska. I liked this book since a plant photography class I took,has my professor as most of the pics.Always too cool shooting with him.
We were in the middle of knowhere  in NE, Fathers Day and his first in over a decade of being married and not at home. I drew him a card with the rest of the group forgetting I had two daughters.I spent two months at this biological station.
 I'm strutting my stuff now , He's strutting his stuff.
Who wrote it?

American Bald Eagle nest

Just plain beautiful
Of course since I am 5 miles from crossing the Missouri River,  I had to get an area specific guide at the Mahoney State Park gift shop. Hopefully this will help further westward also.Both of these books were thirty bucks new, but I knew if I wasn't lazy I would have checked a few vendors.