Saturday, April 20, 2013

Busy day

White Tailed Deer

American Bison

White Pelican


 Look out!

I have an eye out for you.
Don't really know what to do.
Again and again.


  1. You were a busy boy today! Interesting post. You have the old buildings nicely nestled in the trees.

  2. Ha! I loved the "Similarities." The pelican is a beauty, too. Nice set.

  3. Ooh what a great group of photos! Love the ole barn ones, the bison, the deer...dang all of them are fun. Where were the bison???

  4. Very busy by the looks of it! Dont know where you find the time!

  5. I love what you do with black and white in your photos.

  6. Is that a white buffalo??? Wonderful shots!!

  7. Cool slide! Cool lady in white for having fun going down the slide.
    Yes I remember drinking out of sloughs! We always ran our water through a filter when we back packed even if we were high up in the Rockies. Our concern was Beaver fever.Yes I think we did get sick a time or too! I don't think our wells were that safe either. But it makes one wonder on earth day what we have done.


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