Sunday, April 28, 2013


Squirrel raced around the tree chasing two others, a game or just life. It had startled him a bit, but he was amused to watch their antics. They raced and then ran into the treetops as he approached closer. The river nearby was almost silent, just months before gentle ice flows bumping softly. An eagle sat watching the river intently, not caring of his approach. This mighty river looked so passive after massive flooding two summers earlier . Mud plains held interest when first coming into this National Refuge, wondering what was left from a gentle winter. Flooding that once ran rampant through this area was slowly being repaired, the beauty restored.This year compared to the last was like night and day, lives altered in such confusion slowly crept back to their previous existence. Even in areas thought safe, groundwater crept in and assailed the areas many thought secure. The information being passed went from headlines to the very back page, if any. It is so sad to put any tragedy in our country to one side. How can we fix a problem if we never know very much about it?A Dutchman's Breeches caught his attention, and he ambled over to it. His thoughts raced and flew about, carried off on a gentle prairie breeze.

After a hard day of teaching children to levitate I raced off to a botanical garden to thaw after shivering all morning studying amphibians with Dessa.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Beginning To look Like A Real Spring

One of the largest mammoth and mastodon assembledges.

 I turned off my lights on Earth Day
And remember how this day changed my life
In one good turn we all cleaned a park
I  have never yet ever stopped.

Indeed I do bestow to you

Sophistication and some charm

Listen to me closer now

It won’t do any harm

To understand this particular

Thought of a very different topic.

Got some new plates. I liked this set for the large bowls.

The latest of the Great Horned Owl nest I have been watching.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Slide In White

I think about Earth Day and know many somewhat break the rules. What we fight becomes more of a problem. You know I’m not a saint, but I try the best I can be. One option I do have is bottled water, but have a few containers and try to use them more. I use instant water; you just have to add water. My town has had a few warnings, but in this time of my life I am sure I have had allowable levels of Atrazine and many farm chemicals that leak into our systems. As a kid we often drank from streams and springs. Lack of green always said water was good. One backpacking trip we used tablets and boil to secure purity, but after two days found a tiny town using septic at the top of our mountain. I hope you have tried to make every day an Earth Day, and hold our planet close to your heart.

There is technique in getting down to slide level as seen in first and fifth pics, but this is a two story pair. I keep wax paper in the van year round, I  have been coming here for a couple decades plus. A lady in white who had never used wax paper to go down a slide fast ever was elated to try five or six times just to enjoy the day.This is central city in the Omaha downtown, I go to a lot of music,plays and dance across the street.Too much fun when my Italian friend says, "You know I'm dressed in white!" I had hardly noticed, it was a day to play.  I gave her big pieces of wax paper and had to catch her each time at the end of the slide while shooting pics with a camera around my neck.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Busy day

White Tailed Deer

American Bison

White Pelican


 Look out!

I have an eye out for you.
Don't really know what to do.
Again and again.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Six Inches Of Rain

These are some nice shots from a friend, Bumpy Rhodes trying to get down her drive. A road that lead to my old river home reminded me of why I enjoy being on higher ground. At the farm not too far away you have to put a plastic bag over the washer drain, but this year it was a little heavy with the last storm. I have homes on both of the southern corners of Iowa. Being near big rivers can have some problems, like when one uses a kayak to check on a home on stilts.

Many times when there has been major floods they describe it as a 100 year happening that happens every 5-10 years. The clean-up was hard and I don't miss that.One year I made the paper a lot helping  neighbors get cleaned up.My head swelled, it was hard to get through doorways.
A Reflexion

How many turtles?