Saturday, March 2, 2013

River Shots

 I got a haircut finally!I'm looking rather shaggy here.

"This is the pilot to the crew and passengers, we have received a bit of turbulence, I hope you are all okay and enjoying your ride with our airline."
Floating diamonds on the lake

To many of us, what is eight inches of snow?
To me, it's just fun to play in.

I shot this with a flash to show the density of the snowfall. This is a four lane highway outside of town.

I liked the watercolor effect the snow gives to a picture. I had fun running around during a recent storm. I laughed at how  many times I may  have shot similar in the same areas, but stayed close to home using the weather's effects.I like to shoot the grey and get a black and white feel. I love a fluffy snow and enjoy being out in it. I have sledded mostly this last week to play in it, my ice left me. I will wait for it again after having so much fun playing outside this winter.


  1. Such wonderful eagle shots and of course Lily is just a little gem. Your contrail caption cracked me up. May you always feel the joy of play.

  2. So nice to see the sweet Lily today. Love the shots of the eagles. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for snow. Maybe the winters wouldn't feel like they were lasting so long then

  3. Glad you're enjoying all that cold weather Steve! Burrrr!
    Love Miss Lily and her pink bandana and your eagle shots are wonderful!!

  4. we should never get too old to play. or rather we should never think we are too old to play. I can't imagine being where eagles are. we have a big red shouldered hawk though.

  5. Steve, playing in the snow is fun but driving in a snowstorm not so much fun. Enjoyed the pilot's comments and Lily looks quite wonderful too. But, nothing can match the majesty of the eagle in flight.

  6. Super eagle shots. I wonder what they found to eat out on the ice.
    Snow certainly gives something different for photographers.

  7. Great photos! I love the shots of the bald eagles. Looks like a cool day there. Glad you are still seeing the beauty in winter.

  8. Loved the squiggly contrail and your imaginative commentary. I'm always envious of your eagles, but we've seen two this week ourselves, so I'm not quite as envious as usual.

  9. That first picture is SO CUTE!

  10. Those floating diamonds are awesome! We're supposed to get a bit of your snow Wednesday. Hope so as our water table is low. It's all either too much or too little, aggggh!

    Have a great week!

  11. Lily looks cute --with or without a haircut... Glad you are getting some pretty snow....

    Love the eagle--my favorite!!!

    And yes, that is alot of turbulence.


  12. Lily is very elegant.
    Your both photos of the eagle are very beautiful.
    Nice série, Steve.

  13. That last one and the one coming today just missed us -- we could use some more snow, but I really don't want it! Cute Lily!!

  14. I spotted a few eagles in my area last week. They were the first I have seen all Winter. The train picture is pretty cool.

  15. Spring does come in fits and starts, eh?


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