Friday, March 29, 2013

A Brenda Photo Challenge: Still Life

Still life
Still as best it
Can really be.
A canal takes the water to a sanctuary

Looking the other way

Thank you Miz Brenda
 A still life
As life can be
Telling us how to look
But very critically.
The start of a "Living Water" juxtaposition in a prairie  church
The front door from the parking

A reflection of a skylight reflected the pool, which reflected the skylight. The distortion is waves in the pool.I just saw this and admired the mirroring, although I was only shooting the pool. This is  where the "Living Water " drops in slowly and continues to the sanctuary.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sandhill Cranes

 Mother Nature has been playing rough with us with bitter cold and of course a layering of snow. The birds are saying it is spring, rising up in flocks and heading for their summer homes.As I stood on the porch this morning watching a tiny dog dart around I was amazed at the symphony being offered to me on a first day of sun after many covered in clouds. A woodpecker kept the beat pummeling out a new home.A cardinal called out in joy to it's mate in a repeated stanza.All the other birds joined in to a lovely chorus telling me all was going to change, hopefully. Here in the Midwest nothing is guaranteed with the weather.In fact it usually is a topic often heard in conversation. Only a week before I was in Grand Island, Nebraska watching Sandhill Cranes all over the countryside. Driving west toward this town you don't see very many until you are almost there, and then you find the fields covered with them. This is the staging area for over eighty percent of the population. They come all month before going to their summer homes.A dance often happens where one jumps high in the air with their wings out. This is to music that has played for centuries for these magnificent birds. The song is carried across the land on a gentle prairie breeze.

Friday, March 22, 2013


These are Snow Geese migrating. I have seen some huge flocks almost daily this last week. Here they are flying up in a spiral formation with many birds flying in from other areas and joining into the formation.It was amazing to watch and see how they were getting higher in altitude. When they got so high you could barely see them, they formed into many "V" formations and flew north. It reminded me of Air Force squadrons flying off.This is real amazing to me how they know how to do this. I saw it again while observing Sandhill Cranes this last week.I will share these next post.Imagine watching flocks in the tens of thousands. It is one of the treats living in the area I live in along the Missouri River.

 Grand Island,Nebraska.
 I drove 700 miles watching the migrations this last week.

These were a 4-H project in a tiny town in Nebraska.

Many of you asked about this church out on the prairie. It is in Gretna,Nebraska, called the Holy Family Shrine. It has a living water trail starting in the fellowship hall, going outside and then right up to the alter.It is a favorite place for me to stop at often.This is the sanctuary separate from a earth bermed hall.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A small piece of ice still persists
The changing bench sits at the fire pit
Many good stories yet circumvent
Many stories told in fun and jest
Or lots and lots of laughter
Some of the funniest stories told
Ever after.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Almost Spring

 Old man winter still slumps away, These are from our last blizzard. I went out when it started, and barely got away. Hopefully spring is around the corner. It may only be days away. I had my last good snow in this storm, it gains my stormy approval.

 I-29 heading north toward Omaha.

These hills look almost Alpine with the snow driving down.

A year ago...............

A tornado ripped through this town a year ago. It was sad to hear , and 50 plus went down south from my town of 5,000.

Pelicans return