Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Simple Day

Both sides of the coin
That fog covers the prairie
So far and wide
All along the Missouri
I roam and stride.
Loved this foggy day and shot lots of pictures everywhere .I left 160 miles to these plains, I hardly was there.
Two Old mansions
And a single Prairie home
A part of our heritage
It is here I generally roam.
Would you meet me
In the late afternoon
Perhaps I'll show you,
The very best
Good time soon.
A simple stew made with fresh shrimp out on the prairie
Thanks someone
Below I am wearing two hats, insulated bibs,parka, heavy duty boots for the cold and my warmest mittens until a friend sends me my new ones.
At least I keep a cold drink
When it is so cold outside.
And maybe should have stayed
So warm ringside.
A heart for You
We are indeed
Golden hearted
Happy Valentines
Have a super day
My dear,dear friend.


  1. You caught some pretty views. I really love the farm equipment in the mist!

  2. If you are cooking shrimp, I'll be there! :) Love the 5th shot.

  3. I liked the irrigation equipment in the fog and the inviting trail. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Steve.

  4. That white mansion looks as though it would be at home here in Middle Tennessee. It just needs a few 100 foot magnolias on the front lawn.

    I am glad to see your snow has melted-

  5. beautiful pics of a beautiful place.

  6. This may have been a simple day but it was a very full day.
    happy Valentines to you. Have a great day.

  7. Some very very strong winds blowing in off the prarie here today.... Fortunately my Red Pine provide some shelter...;)

  8. On our way for some of that stew with the fresh shrimp :)

  9. A very nice Sunday, Steve.
    Over here it was rain, as every day since last October.

  10. Oh, but I'd love to sit on that bench after a long walk on that path through the woods--then dive into some hot shrimp over rice. Great poem, Steve. Happy Valentine's day to you!

  11. Hi Steve, the views are lovely as is the shrimp cooking. Happy Hearts Day back to you and Lily.

  12. Simple days and marvelous ones. Happy Valentine's Day Steve!


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