Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Fishun

It starts with a nice small lake
Darn, its cold  are you ready
And lots of poles to watch and wait
I went and put on a new layer
At the end I am a player.
Someone loved the snails
I eat a bigger one
Escargot to some.
These almost looked like Jellyfish with the angle I used.
Have you seen a cloud of them blooming?
Holes drilled
Maybe too many
I lost patience
Yet sat and waited
 For so many.
An eyeball
Was looking at me
Through the ice
Can't you see?
Ice fisherman
Never caring for a bite
It is nice to be out on the water
On my favorite little lake.
I found that place 
A good place to wait 
Sit down with me
For heavens sake.
Black-Capped Chickadee 
Tufted Titmouse
Ah yes I would like to give you a quarter cigar. I know it is a good quarter cigar, because I smoked the other three quarters. W.C. Fields

A friend told me
there is a heart there
can't you see? 
  The snow started out so softly
Again it swirled all around
Carried on the wind
Off a blanket of clouds.



  1. Hi Steve !
    Another wonderful collections of photos.
    You know we eat snails in France with "escargot butter" :butter with parsley and garlic. In my childhood my grandpa prepared snails for our the family when we were on vacation in the countryside.

  2. What were you catching Steve? I know that in New England they pull out Walleye from under the ice-
    We have nothing iced over here- too many warm days each week. I liked the snail shells. I bet raccoons ate them-

  3. Steve, these are some really nice photos!

  4. I'm not much for ice fishing, but I admire those hardy souls who enjoy it. The bench looks inviting, though. Great shots of the chickadee and the tufted titmouse.

  5. You're so happy there ice fishing! Come to France, Steve, and we'll have garlic escargot with Pinot Gris!

  6. You had good fun with this one. At first I couldn't figure out what was going on. Clear ice can give lots of different shapes . I always like the poetry that goes along with your photos.

  7. One of the guys I work with loves ice fishing. too cold for me. I prefer to stay inside and hibernate until

  8. Hej Steve, what a lot of fine photos. Thank you for sharing. I wonder which fish you caught.
    Grethe ´)

  9. I have never been ice fishing. I'm not crazy about sitting around in the cold, so I am guessing it wouldn't be my fav thing. Cool pics!

  10. What could be better? I go about 15 times a winter. Any thing to be outdoors, but I love fishing!

  11. Steve, brrr we prefer to get fresh fish an easier the local fish market, and miss all that chilling out. The bench looked like a good vantage point in the sun hopefully.

  12. I always admire those who don't let a little cold weather keep them indoors :)

  13. Hi Steve, My Dad loved to fish--but never lived anywhere where he could go ice fishing... Me???? NEVER would I do that. I have only walked across one frozen lake in my life and was scared to death that it would break the entire time I was walking on it.... Talk about cold???? YIPES..... Glad you enjoyed it though.

  14. These are wonderful images, Steve. I can see so many things in the icy designs. Gorgeous post!

  15. Enjoyed your poetic words with those icey photos. Brave man out there on the water!

  16. Looks like a fun day out on the ice Steve -- and that ice bubble looked like a sock to me. :)

  17. It looks very, very cold out there on the ice.

  18. Felt like I was on a fun winter adventure with you! Especially liked the photo of the log stump in the ice.

  19. Wow is all I can say...Wow! Now THAT'S Cold!!

  20. Looks lovely and icy!


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