Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Fishun

It starts with a nice small lake
Darn, its cold  are you ready
And lots of poles to watch and wait
I went and put on a new layer
At the end I am a player.
Someone loved the snails
I eat a bigger one
Escargot to some.
These almost looked like Jellyfish with the angle I used.
Have you seen a cloud of them blooming?
Holes drilled
Maybe too many
I lost patience
Yet sat and waited
 For so many.
An eyeball
Was looking at me
Through the ice
Can't you see?
Ice fisherman
Never caring for a bite
It is nice to be out on the water
On my favorite little lake.
I found that place 
A good place to wait 
Sit down with me
For heavens sake.
Black-Capped Chickadee 
Tufted Titmouse
Ah yes I would like to give you a quarter cigar. I know it is a good quarter cigar, because I smoked the other three quarters. W.C. Fields

A friend told me
there is a heart there
can't you see? 
  The snow started out so softly
Again it swirled all around
Carried on the wind
Off a blanket of clouds.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

I've Got Sunshine

Sunlight reflecting
On the hills all around me
Sunlight reflecting
As far as I can see.
Field Of Geese, and Two Little Burros
Not one to pick up and cuddle
Or even expect it to play
This wild kitty is holding its ground
Hunched as if to say
It isn't going to be pretty
So leave me alone
I'm steadfast here
As if made of stone.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prairie Hockey

There was a sparkle in the air, perhaps created by the intense cold. It was a good day to stay inside hoping to see an increase in temperature, or the wind dying down so it didn’t go right through you. For an ice skater the streams and ponds were perfect with recent melt and freeze making mirror ice in places. It just called out to skaters to come and rough it up a bit. Out came the goal and the battles were ready to begin. Friendships often were tested and sometimes battles expanded. In the end, we all had a good experience having fun on the ice, and always ready to go back every year for more. Friendships were sometimes shattered, or at least put on hold sometimes. I had a grudge on one aggressive player for years, later becoming good friends. One friend quit skating entirely with me from a few (well maybe too many) body checks as we sparred one on one after many years. I had run an ice skate program for the parks and had too many miles of skating and playing over him. I still feel good to get in a small game and try to keep up with the rink’s stars. When I worked the ice skate program I went and bought many pairs of used skates at secondhand stores to take to work with me each year. A bundle of hockey sticks also came along. If you used the skates a lot, I often gave them to you. Often socks were put in the toes just so everyone had a pair. One night while taking a substitute rink I sparred with a five year old .I was impressed until he cut me down and I fell on top of him. He wiggled out and held out his hand to help me up and said,"Are you okay?" He went home with a stick.

             A short trip to the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha and a somewhat current moon

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow On The Hillside

 Furry ponies
Gaze at me
Looking for a treat
I can clearly see.
The skies so bleak and snow work well almost giving a black and white effect to the photos. 
A Prairie Palace indeed, I bet that big hay door had a very unique pulley system to pull it shut. I love the contrast with the old wood and snow.
Compass Plant out on a Nebraska prairie 
I found this Our Lady Of Guadalupe Seminary with St.Micheal in front of its chapel.
A dragon made out of old tractor tires swimming out on the prairie. This is in a side yard of a Nebraska acreage.
A gentle snow once stood on the hillside. Through a few warm days it leaves only it's memory, winter once reinstated with a new onslaught of bitter cold. Patches remain having carefully stayed hidden from the sun, nurtured by the still hard frozen ground.
I like the luminescence on  the ice and snow with both the picture above and below. I played with this all afternoon using the angle of the sun to make them glow.
Snow trying to look serious,but it never did.I have seen a few flakes today, but think it is too cold. A friend said maybe an inch across the state to the East.