Thursday, December 27, 2012

Toward The End Of The Year

There were a few gum drops still left in the candy dish. He noticed someone had left him his favorite green ones along with the purple and white ones his friends didn’t like as much. That day after Christmas can be quite startling, the glitz and glamour slows down and too many brings the season to a halt. I looked out my window and decided to head for the parks, having numerous state areas real close. The land was covered in snow and offered a different vision of its beauty. I was drawn to the brightness and sparkle when looking toward the sun through ice filled plants .A milkweed had shed its casting made from ice, still holding on to the plant, and sparkling bright. A gaze off to the side produced an eagle, snuggled into a perch hoping to stay warm. Even the sparrows looked twice their size all fluffed up to ward off the cold. He walked with a little dog trying to get that perfect shot, his feet feeling the cold. Coming back to his car he slowly melted enjoying the heater filling the air with its warmth. They snuggled and drove farther into the wildlife sanctuary and watched for more to photograph. Looking along the river for eagles he almost missed the sparkle of a hedgerow on the other side of the road. He slowed and got out again, this time adding another layer of gloves and a scarf to keep warm a bit longer. It felt good finding these hidden patches of beauty and being the first prints in the snow. When he smiled his cold face felt like it was going to break, a steady breeze touched him coming across the prairie. It was worth it having found a number of treasures to enjoy again later in the day reviewing his photos.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sharing The Spirit

The spattering of rain soon turned to tiny ice crystals.He looked to the sky and could feel the presence of a first snow soon to come. In a few minutes the tiny flakes started and he enjoyed the feel on his face. He smiled thinking of the first snow the previous year, huge flakes almost like feathers sent him out on the prairie to enjoy the beauty. Soon he was in a major storm and had a hard time getting back to his home, having stayed until all was covered deep in the purest of white beauty. Arriving home he had to soak a little dog in warm water to remove all the tiny snowballs that had attached to her fur on her legs and belly where her jacket didn't cover. He had wrapped her inside his coat keeping her warm with his body for the ride home.This is a time of cleansing, changing the landscape, covering all of nature with a soft blanket to rest for a short time. It reminded him of when his mother would tuck him into bed and the security and pleasure it  gave him. He held his arms out with his palms up and caught this new spirit arriving on the land. It filled him with joy to enjoy this simple pleasure and he stood for a long time. He looked around and remembered the wonderful hikes, the birds greeting him and the smells of each new experience he had found out on this wonderful land. He wished for health and happiness for all he had met and loved. He thanked the land for all it offered to him. A simple song came to him, that  song of life, and he smiled as his happiness was carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

It has been a pleasure blogging
With all of you through this year
It is a time a sharing and caring
For everyone and everything around you
Extend your love the best you can.