Monday, November 19, 2012

A Missing Moment

Where have I been
Where can I truly be
With tiny children
I'm not used to see
You'll see, you'll see.

A wasting disease has taken it's toll on many deer. This was a nice buck, but someone claimed the rack, I had thought of it myself.

A touch of springtime
Think of your first dandelion
Yet it is fall still with warmth for me
I hope you feel that prairie song
Out on a gentle prairie breeze.

A flying flower
A Red Admiral I see
A touch of springtime
After many frosts
Out on the prairie.


  1. The dandelion shot is superb. And I love the term "flying flower" to describe a butterfly.

  2. Children are so amazing.

    Love the milkweed and the red admiral. And dandelions take little encouragement.

  3. Hi Steve, I wondered where you were.... Hope you had a good time... Grandchildren? SO cute!!!!!!

    Great pictures --except the deer one made me sad...

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. It's been a Different year weather wise. The dandelions don't surprise me but I'm a little surprised to see some green grass and butterflies. Good for being on the spots to get a good photo.

  5. Wonderfull série, Steve.
    It's so good to have our grandskids. A couple of week I have mine at home. A great moment.

  6. Poor deer! That wasting disease sounds awful.

  7. Looks like it's getting ready to snow any Minute!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Steve!

  8. Are those the grandkids? Very cute.
    I've heard that there was a disease that was affecting the deer this year. Such a shame

  9. Cute kids, Steve, especially the first shot with such a serious look. You apparently enjoyed your time with the grands. And, like a previous commenter noted, the deer remains was also my least favorite photo in this group.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lily!

  10. Hej Steve, those kids are so cute. It's lovely to finally see a Red Admiral, we've had almost none of them this year.

    I like your fine photos, they tell much about nature where you live.
    Grethe `)

  11. As always Steve, wonderful photos. The children are darling.

  12. Some beautiful photos here Steve, I'm glad we don't have the deer Chronic Wasting Disease in this part of the country. Simply tragic.

  13. Those kidlets are just gorgeous.. such sweet faces.

    The deer is quite heartbreaking. What disease is it? Is it known?

    Lovely springlike photos.. you must have been getting milder weather or digging into your archives like I do. ;)

  14. Great kid shots! And too bad to hear of the wasting deer disease.

  15. I saw a man on Hwy 133 sawing the antlers off of a deer that had been hit and it bothered me for some reason -- made me sad. I'll be interested to hear the deer numbers taken this November. Might be an eye-opener.

  16. What a cutie and all excellent nature photos! Sad too about the deer. I have never heard of this wasting deer disease before, though have read something about a complaint with the deer in this area. I wonder if it is the same thing?

  17. What a beautiful montage... Poor deer... life is so hard on the animal kingdom since humans have taken over much of their land...

  18. Beautiful child and beautiful prairie.

  19. Great post Steve..I miss seeing you too

    Your friend, Nita


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