Monday, October 1, 2012

A Start Of Fall Color

No animals were hurt in this squirmy incident, it is hard to hold still in  those first few minutes.This is a 400th post.

Bubbles on a gloomy day

I  shot lots on centering this tire on a post
Silvery wonderful goodness
May come to me
Out in the forest
So ever gracefully.

I hear the coyotes calling
A gentle song to me
Have you ever heard them
Running through the hillsides
Looking for things to eat
They call out to all to hear
A sound that is really unique.

Let me show you some fall colors
Brilliant colors I said
Each year another study
Of colors often underestimated.



  1. Lovely captures of our Midwest Autumn -- it will be over much too soon.

  2. Congratulations on your 400th post. What were you doing to poor little Lily in that first shot? :) Fall colors are popping out all over these days. Your photos show some of those subtle changes.

  3. Nice to show off fall colors with the green that reminds us how vivid fall colors can be.

  4. Love the red outfit :) My favorite color

  5. Hi Steve, Hope you have had a great month... We had a fabulous vacation --and couldn't get over how beautiful the Aspens were out there. Do you have Aspens in your area?

    Great set of pictures.... Looks like the sumac is turning red... Ours is beginning to here in TN... BUT--we don't really have much color yet.

  6. Happy 400redth Post! Doesn't take long...
    Love the shots!!

  7. Nice pics Steve. Love your verses. The leaves are changing fast here.

  8. Love your fall colors. I take it Lily was not in the mood to sit still for the
    That buffalo head is really cool.

  9. So nice to see a quiet place away from cities and traffic where the Amish can drive at their own pace down the road-

  10. Thanks for the walk. I enjoyed it very much. I love the opening photo. Ella is the same way when it comes to photos.

  11. Lovely fall shots. Have a great week!

  12. Wonderful série, Steve ! Over here also fall colors are just around the corner.

  13. Oh my! 400! I just noticed I'm three away from that number myself. How do we do it? Keep both hands on the dog and soldier on.

  14. How nice to see pictures of you! *waves* And it's lovely to once again 'visit' your prairie. Autumn seems to be an especially beautiful time of year in your neck of the woods. I especially like the juxtaposition of the photograph of the red leaves near the blue sky of the photo above. And I like your poems interlaced within, they add another dimension to the post.

  15. You will see the colors changing before we will here in Arkansas, but even in our state there are differences. The Ozarks start changing before the delta part of the state does. Your photos are wonderful!

  16. The drought is really bad here even some springs dried up for the first time in living memory. Still the colors are absolutely fantastic...:)

  17. We don't have enough color to post about . . . Yet.

  18. Congrats on 400 posts, Steve. Gotta love that squirmy little bundle. :)


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