Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Frost

That first frost comes to me
Time to gather the last garden gems
And sadly set aside summers glee
Time to enjoy ones self
In brilliant color,out on the prairie.

That first frost always makes me nostalgic of previous seasons and experiences. Both my youngest sister and myself were born on first frosts so I use both of our birthdays as possible dates to have all my gardens ready to end their seasons.This is September 23rd and October 5th. Many years allow an extension, but often not for very long. I hope this season allows for many years of comfort, as I turn 30 again on Friday. I still  hear a young voice when I speak, but after having my picture taken  for a new license, I argued with the lady that there could be a better pose. It hurt my vanity a bit, so  I went out and got a few belts,at the local western clothing store that is. When the going gets tough the tough go shopping. I tend to get all my gifts, Lily is always so hesitant to make the proper decision and my girls always unsure of what I really need. Most years I tell them  I would like to get them a new mom, but they never help me much with this situation. We went for lunch Tuesday at my favorite seafood restaurant eating mountains of oysters and assorted seafood.Yesterday was a trip to Crescent to enjoy a nature center and pizza at a favorite place. I went shopping again with a neighbor so she could make all the decisions for me and came home with some treasures to decorate the Man Cave where I reside.Tomorrow morning I will head out to gather tomatoes and peppers from a community garden I planted for residents at the state hospital where I work. They have tired of the produce and work needed to maintain this plot, but had a fun summer sharing my stories I would tell.A few fish stories are still needed so I may dip a line before going to work in the afternoon.What a lovely season it is full of color and I slowly adjust to being a year older, celebrating life at the fullest one can enjoy.


  1. You and Lily make a good picture. I can just see how you do both love those gorgeous surroundings and I love all that lovely wood on your porch. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! for tomorrow.

  2. You certainly do have some color to brag about. I find that after the first killing frost there is a relief and I can quit protecting things and clean up the yard and garden
    Happy birthday to you. Have a great day.

  3. Lovely Photos. October is when all of the really great people are born. I know because I'm an October baby too. Happy 30th:)

  4. Hi There, We have a VERY busy weekend since my son is getting married..... Should be TERRIFIC.

    Love seeing all of the photos of you --and of course, of Lily, the love of your life.... Hope we don't get a frost yet. I want to enjoy our roses longer.

  5. It is so very beautiful where you all live!
    Happy Birthday!
    We'll supposed to be down into the 50's all weekend here in Oklahoma. Nice!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lovely autumn colours. !

  7. Happy birthday, Steve. Hope you and Lily have a beautiful day out on the prairie. The fall colors in your photos look lovely.

  8. Happy Birthday! (and many happy returns!) *sends balloons and bottle of champagne* You and Lily look like you're enjoying the change in seasons. We're not quite there yet (Virginia) but after seeing the snowfall in ND, it's a'comin'! Really enjoyed your pics!

  9. Beautiful photographs, wonderful colours, fantastic places. I am greeting

  10. Happy 30th Birthday Steve. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  11. Hope you had an enjoyable birthday Steve! Hug Lily for me. :)


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