Monday, October 22, 2012


 The happiness that surrounds me
When out on the prairie
Tells me what I need to hear
As it sits right down beside me.
That song of life drifts past me
Carried on a gentle prairie breeze
Past beautiful plants and flowers
And makes my world so strong.

 A little Lily dog finally got a trim

Taking a count on raptors, a festival of their migration will be held here on November 20th.

Is it Sara? Not much to debate other than to make sure for health and happiness for all I know and have met, out on the prairie. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. My argument is we need to do more for the land and people around us and try to get out and enjoy it as often as possible. Sometimes that little slice of heaven is right next door for all to enjoy. Look at your local conservation office and find what they are offering for all to enjoy. Take care of those around you, make their lives whole. It pays off twice, once in their hearts and once in your soul. This week I  heard of a lady coming to my town, with three kids and just the shirts on their backs. It inspired me to redecorate and give them my living room furniture, I had wanted to  get something new. Many stepped forward and helped with clothes and household items, her tears of joy still stick with me. They now have a home of their own and found happiness out on the prairie.



  1. Steve, Such a sweet thing for you to have done (furniture)... you are an Angel Fact, when you see a feather, it came as a message to you that the Angels are watching over you...

  2. That raptor observation deck is so cool!

  3. I completely agree and like your position on caring for the environment and other people. Yes, we do that and we also look after ourselves. None of this tramping on others to become top dog.

  4. A wonderful post, a good reminder to show kindness to everyone, but especially to those in need. Loved all the photos here.

  5. That is so amazing that you all were able to provide for that family. That's how life and community should be. I agree that what we give out we get back. And it makes everyone happy.

  6. It's fantastic what you are doing Steve. Some people - like me - think they'll do something but you are really doing it.

    How sweet she is little Lily dog.
    It will be exciting to hear about the raptors on 20th november.

    Grethe ´)

  7. fun picture with the BBQ sign and Lily is looking stunning.
    Such a kind gesture with the gift of furniture. I'm sure that woman is feeling very blessed right now

  8. You show the greatness of your neighbors and your place!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  9. Great post, Steve. We definitely need to take care of others... IF we all did what you do, the world would be a better place....

    One thing for sure is that living on the prairie certainly lends itself to gorgeous sunsets... You saw a beauty....

    Love Lili's new 'do'... She's a CUTIE...

    Hope you have had a good week. We enjoyed our trip to Ohio with friends.

  10. Very good thoughts on compassion, Steve. And some beautiful photos to go with them. That sunrise/sunset picture is wonderful, and so is the beautiful purple thistle flower. And Lily looks pleased with her new "do." :)

  11. How very beautiful!

  12. Yes! Lovely flowers and thoughts. I agree that having compassion and giving to others benefits us so much. It's a lesson we need to teach our children over and over again. Thanks for this post!

  13. Very good, Steve. Small town, rural and midwest spicialize in this sort of thing.

  14. what a beautiful gesture helping that mother. I'm deeply touched when people get together to make someones life better. lovely story and great pictures. I hope you share the migration Festival in November. happy Tuesday :) xxo

  15. I Like the Happy Bar and BBQ...I am so simple I guess.

  16. Wonderful poem and photos. Well done.

  17. Interesting série, Steve !
    I love the Happy bar and the BBQ.
    Your little dog is very cute.


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