Sunday, October 28, 2012

Those Leaves, Just Won't Leave Me Alone

This shot looked rather Jack-Lanterish. I always like to shoot virgo, and loved this capture. I have really enjoyed the candies way too much as usual.I bought a few bags today and will take them to work this evening.

I loved attending this exhibition, a fun walk indoors. I kept humming the song.


I look at all the amazing colors
Those fall colors always marvel me
This year it was the red and orange
But the yellow, bronze and golds won't let me be
Gently taking over, out on the prairie.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October's End

That last little bit of color
Is slowly fading away
Trees shed their leaves
And as they blow away
They are getting ready to sleep
Under a blanket of snow.



 I took a friend to an oncologist. He had hurt his leg while running and tripping over a chair. When they did an xray they saw a few masses and wanted to look more at them. They said it is a type often found only with a similar injury.Two grandmothers sat across from each other, asking how long a marrow transplant would take, while their grandson played in a children's area. They heard no answer but looked deeper into each others eyes and grasped each other for a long needed cry. I wished I could have offered them an answer, since I had volunteered to donate marrow a few decades ago, but knew it wasn't always the answer to return one back to a healthy lifestyle.Things have gotten better with that dreaded word, cancer. I started working with Hospice in the late seventies while taking a class on Death and Dying.Many came into the program for a very short time, while many go home today.The children coming through hurt me worse to see.I looked at my friend and hugged him, it was hard to see what the doctor would say, but I knew attitude today was the best to have. Our lives can be so fragile, which is why I live life to the fullest, out on the prairie.


Monday, October 22, 2012


 The happiness that surrounds me
When out on the prairie
Tells me what I need to hear
As it sits right down beside me.
That song of life drifts past me
Carried on a gentle prairie breeze
Past beautiful plants and flowers
And makes my world so strong.

 A little Lily dog finally got a trim

Taking a count on raptors, a festival of their migration will be held here on November 20th.

Is it Sara? Not much to debate other than to make sure for health and happiness for all I know and have met, out on the prairie. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. My argument is we need to do more for the land and people around us and try to get out and enjoy it as often as possible. Sometimes that little slice of heaven is right next door for all to enjoy. Look at your local conservation office and find what they are offering for all to enjoy. Take care of those around you, make their lives whole. It pays off twice, once in their hearts and once in your soul. This week I  heard of a lady coming to my town, with three kids and just the shirts on their backs. It inspired me to redecorate and give them my living room furniture, I had wanted to  get something new. Many stepped forward and helped with clothes and household items, her tears of joy still stick with me. They now have a home of their own and found happiness out on the prairie.