Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I thought of you this morning
It kept me awake so long
I wanted to be with you again
I hope it won't linger long
You are in my thoughts and my heart
Every day and all night long.

 As I passed this structure at an aerospace museum I thought of when it stood outside a local air base during what was termed the "Cold War". I often wondered what kind of warhead it had, and if it was there to save all of us who lived close. An uncle worked at this base as a developer of new ideas and stayed mum about it most of his life. He had developed a streetlight that told us when it was time to come in as children, but maybe had a variety of death's creations in his mind. He was always so quiet and reserved, a sign of willingness to support peace should we just give it a chance. As we huddled under our desks, as a drill should all the fallout shower down on us, little did we realize our real fate. It would be total destruction and chaos in a world we so love and are part of. Now it sits as only a memory perhaps, a memento when we barely worried what would happen should our worlds collide.

Good times won't last
Unless you treasure
That moment of time
In your heart and feelings.

 Fall colors are all around
    Happiness from me to you
   Carried on a gentle breeze
                Perhaps as a simple chant or song 
      Lovingly out on the prairie.

Sometimes when I dream
They seem so much
Like reality, but never exist
Unless you make them come true.


  1. Steve, This is so lovely, heart-wrenchingly so. I am so happy for you, and yet, with the juxtaposition of your story of our nuclear age, it is bittersweet. We hope to be able to continue to love in this world that sometimes appears so vulnerable. May we all have plenty of time to love and maybe with that love, even turn this thing around.

  2. Awesome post this morning.
    I remember doing the crazy stuff of getting under your desk at school and this was in a remote area.
    I like the spiritual commentary of the beautiful photos of flowers and plants.

  3. The words of your poem are so sweet as are your pictures of nature. You have an eye for those sweet, small details. The Cold War memories are chilling and such a reminder to us all who went through similar times.

  4. A fantastic post Steve, and the poem you started out with was poignant, very touching. Marvelous photos as always and interesting story on that warhead.

  5. I remember all those under the desk drills...I Pray the world calms Down and we never have to use those things!

  6. A wonderful post. Your words and photos are like music

  7. All of your posts are magnificent, Steve, but this one is especially poignant. As I type, the windows are open. There's a lovely breeze. Twilight approaches. There was a time when worries about the Cold War centered evenings like these. Lots of young ones either don't know about the Cold War or shrug it off. Like Donna above, I hope we never go back to that.

  8. I really enjoyed your variety of photos and beautiful words! Looks like someone else is inspired by the prairie today!! Have a happy week!

  9. I am in love with the windmill photo. Great shots as always.

  10. what a nice interlude

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  11. Magnificent série, Steve. I love the first poème. It is very beautiful. I love the photo of the horse.

  12. Love that pale blue salvia. And you are so right. It's the small things that make us happy. Notice them everyday and happiness prevails.

  13. So many nice pictures in this set, Steve. Special favorites are the turkeys, the windmill, that ferocious-looking turtle, the butterfly, and of course the horse.

  14. Your post brings back memories, Steve. As a kid, we practiced going to the classroom coat closet in an emergency. While glad those days are gone, the world doesn't a safer place at all with many more threats. It's good to cherish

  15. Remembering to remember...that is the task at hand! I think the old windmill with the dried vine on it is a perfect photo express of working to remember.

  16. What a great post--each and every nature photo was a treasure. The windmill photo was outstanding (what is it about windmills that makes them so interesting in a picture!). I loved all your poems too. I clearly remember living in fear of what "could happen to our world" during those days of the cold war. Those fears are gone, but we have certainly moved on to others that are even more challenging. Take care. Mickie :)

  17. Love the photo of the turtle head on. At first I didn't see the face. Thanks for visiting my blog...I remember hiding under my desk in school too.

  18. I really appreciate seeing the old windmill still standing. They are few and far between. The smaller ones like this I don't remember seeing here in central Iowa, but I do remember seeing them while traveling through Nebraska.


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