Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue Skies

Her voice was airy like in a dream
It sent thoughts in every direction
He wanted to hear just a little more
Happiness soared like a kite on a string
And there he was out on the prairie, breathless.


  1. Steve-you are right. Happiness is like a kite on a string!

  2. Beautiful poem... love the imagery!

  3. My first teaching job was in Sidney, Iowa. I remember the fall there with all the sunflowers blooming in the ditches and on the prairie. It was so great to see.

  4. Lovely yellows and whites. It's not often that I see a kite in flight, these days so thank you for sharing this one. And thank you also for identifying my wildflowers for me. Much appreciated, Steve. :)

  5. What an unusual-looking kite that is. Your pictures are showing the advancement of the season. A nice series.

  6. Beautilf ul serie, Steve !
    I love bue skies. Yesterday it was very blue and it was very warm.
    This morning it is not the same thing. Fall is just around the corner.


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