Friday, September 28, 2012

Flash Mob

 A solar bubble generator was one of the draws for me to attend this event.


How exciting to be part of some of the most fun I have had in ages.I was at an art show and all of a sudden musicians appeared and dancers began singing. The song was "Footloose", which I wish I had known more lyrics to, but quickly joined in myself. I had just watched "The Vow" the night before and they had a flash mob scene which I loved( it must have been the sizzling romance that got to me).
This group appeared and disappeared equally as fast. I could have listened to them all afternoon. This is some of the cultural bliss I find living close to a metro area. I will try to find more about this group so as to become part of them perhaps again. I went on a shoot the next day with a friend and was humming the song all along. I  shouted out the lyric that was going through my head and she said she was at that part also. LOL and  fun out on the prairie.
And here I am with my only true loves, Lily dog and being out on the prairie.Many had hoped my poetry in the last post was directed toward a new beginning, but my life remains the same. My love for the outdoors and people around me always stirs up some beautiful thoughts, which I so enjoy sharing with you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I thought of you this morning
It kept me awake so long
I wanted to be with you again
I hope it won't linger long
You are in my thoughts and my heart
Every day and all night long.

 As I passed this structure at an aerospace museum I thought of when it stood outside a local air base during what was termed the "Cold War". I often wondered what kind of warhead it had, and if it was there to save all of us who lived close. An uncle worked at this base as a developer of new ideas and stayed mum about it most of his life. He had developed a streetlight that told us when it was time to come in as children, but maybe had a variety of death's creations in his mind. He was always so quiet and reserved, a sign of willingness to support peace should we just give it a chance. As we huddled under our desks, as a drill should all the fallout shower down on us, little did we realize our real fate. It would be total destruction and chaos in a world we so love and are part of. Now it sits as only a memory perhaps, a memento when we barely worried what would happen should our worlds collide.

Good times won't last
Unless you treasure
That moment of time
In your heart and feelings.

 Fall colors are all around
    Happiness from me to you
   Carried on a gentle breeze
                Perhaps as a simple chant or song 
      Lovingly out on the prairie.

Sometimes when I dream
They seem so much
Like reality, but never exist
Unless you make them come true.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Splendor

This is a sand prairie in Two Rivers State Park in Nebraska between the Platte and Elkhorn rivers.

You can rent these to camp in the park, but they say no pets, so Lily wasn't happy with that.


The sun sparkled through the trees and covered his tent with a lovely pattern. He woke to the cool air and snuggled even deeper into the soft blankets. This is a time of year when he didn’t want to get up, just to savor the wonderful feel of the mornings. He often lay just listening to the world around him and trying to identify all the different sounds. A breeze carried excitement as he listened to a dove calling out, with a jay answering back. A rumble was carried up the river valley and the sun faded as a few clouds carried in a much needed storm. He got up and pulled a chair inside with him and let a tiny dog chase after a sparrow before they both returned to enjoy the wonderful cool of the morning. Rain began to move across the hills and he was happy not to have to do anything but listen to the stillness as all out on the prairie watched the new weather pattern. Just as fast as it came in, it left him waiting for the sun to return its charm to his tent. A new pattern showed the delicious sheen left by the rain and he began to think of the pastries he had in the car. They were calling out but became delayed thoughts as he rolled over and wrapped back up in those soft blankets. The wind occasionally moved the soaked tree branches providing an occasional shower to enjoy again. The dove began its song and lulled him back asleep.



Monday, September 17, 2012

September Morning Walks

Blue Moon
It must be something in the air
That soft silver moonlight
Always catches my eye anywhere.

These are Moon Flower, the bees were busy all over it. That moon shot has a nice crater margin on the lower left side, if you want to enlarge it, and lots of definition.I shoot lots of moons, but this is a real favorite.I like to plant lots of light colored blooms so I can enjoy them at night as well.There is a beautiful variety of this that grows out on the prairie in the Nebraska Sandhills.These are on the back of a garage of a neighbor across the alley from  me.

Sunrise out on the prairie

Lily reflecting in the sunlight

I liked this pattern and added this lovely image.

LOL  It was a bench shadow in a cemetery.
Loess Hills Beauty

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home Is 'Where.......

 If kept a distance from the house, this serves as a phone booth for an Amish family who have a mum business going out of their farm.Many farms have these which may even have Internet.

He traveled far on this early morning hoping to see a Bobolink where he had watched them earlier in the year. This amazing bird travels from the grasslands of Argentina to visit his prairie and have a brood before leaving. He walked and noticed a number of friends, but never found the bird. He saw a group of female Bluebirds and thought how he had found an active nest just the week before. Migration had started and these ladies were perhaps headed to catch up with the males who had left early. It made him think of a previous lunch date, and a lady he should follow after perhaps. After walking all morning he decided to visit his other home, leaving the Missouri River valley toward the Mississippi River valley. Along the highway was a flock of Red-winged Blackbirds who had left this area weeks before. Maybe these were from farther north or from the parched west. He wished them safe journey and they stayed on his mind most of the trip, along with thoughts of a new friend.

He made his way into the rolling hills near his home and was greeted by friends of the past. Beautiful roadside plantings were still standing in small areas, many had been hayed from lack of rain on nearby pastures. A buggy approached and a friendly wave gave him a feeling of warmth and solace finding his way back to his home. He stopped and looked at produce offered by one of his favorite families and took a sack to share with a few friends along the way. Home is where ones heart is, and in his case split on opposite sides of the state.It was nice to sit in the old worn chair and survey his tiny backyard prairie. It had filled in and gave him a smile looking at the beauty that covered over his yard. He would rest nicely this evening, he was at home.