Monday, July 30, 2012


 I would like some more soup please

I really wanted the bigger pool

I am headed out for a few days with my grandchildren. I tend to let them do almost anything they want and offer a bit more. They melt my heart and offer me glimpses of their mothers childhood, it is sad they don't stay small forever.We go out on the prairie and look for treasures, and always a  detailed explanation of all the facts around.When we are bored, we head out shopping. Many of you know I have a passion to shop, when the goings get tough, the tough go shopping. We always find other things to do, my grandson finds extreme pleasure just riding in my car with me. I have a box of goodies to share , books and toys I find at garage sales. Sitting down for a good read is something they were introduced to young, just as I did with my own children. I laugh when I think back how I would buy their mother six pairs of shoes at a time, just so she could play with me in the garden and outdoors.I never cared how dirty she got, and sometimes was given a stern word for allowing it. It helped shape her abilities to enjoy everything I do, as she does still today.

 A tiny Dickcissel sings out his heart perched on a small tree out on the prairie. It is a lovely tune and I often stop to listen to  this charming little bird's song, a song of happiness carried on a gentle prairie breeze. It is a melody of life and love, a gentle song that always makes me feel at home no matter where I am. I often share this by taking time and asking for health and happiness for all those that I know and have met.

If I miss commenting it is not that I am ignoring you, I will be a bit busy and still try to get a chance to read all you have to share.I have had a few new people join and welcome all to enjoy what I share. If I haven't joined your blog, sometimes it is because you have many and I am not sure which to enjoy. It is always nice to invite me to one you feel I will like best.

Friday, July 27, 2012


 There is such a difference going from a yard  into the prairie.One does wonder how long some of the blooms we cultivate have been around. I visited one garden that had plants brought back by Columbus when he explored for Spain.The varieties constantly change out on the prairie, it is like the return of many friends.I laugh when I see one bloom and know the progression to follow sometimes, and even more charmed to see them a little off schedule as in this year. I think of areas I want to visit with the varieties being offered. Each prairie area has it's own selection and is never the same. One friend has over 300 varieties he has developed over the years from former farmland of his.That constant change brings me out on the prairie, again and again. I want to see it all. Hello to all my old friends and those who are new.

Oh little lightening bug
Are you asleep or still at play
I won't bother you anymore
I'm hoping you have a nice day
It was such a grand day for me
Enjoying all of my friends
Happiness shared again and again
Out on the prairie.

I have really enjoyed hearing from all of you also!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunny Daze

 Partridge Pea

 Owl Box

Tall Bluestem reaches for the heavens

Eastern Bluebird eggs

 Beetles cover this ironweed blossom

A tiny yellow Sulphur butterfly flitted along with me as I walked the hot trail looking for a few new friends to enjoy. Birds cheered out praise for all the beauty that surrounded me. It was a beautiful day even with the heat being sometimes oppressive. Brown coaxes its way in among all the green from lack of rain. A few days earlier I was going to visit one of the most enjoyable roadside plantings I had seen all summer, only to arrive and see it had been hayed. The lack of rain had taken its toll on this area with farmers looking everywhere for hay to bale for the winter. A Black-Capped Chickadee joined in with a Jenny Wren arguing who had ownership to a tree. They fluttered close to me and soon  attracted a few other birds to see how this would work out.Perhaps there was something good to eat and all wanted to be part of the buffet offered. They continued off into the thicket and I continued on with my hike. My tiny companion butterfly stayed with me for quite a long time, I wondered if it felt a need for companionship on this sultry day and thanked it for coming along. Up over the rise I saw a tiny cemetery, with its monuments created to celebrate the lives of many who had settled in this area and created a new life for their families over the generations. A skull sat up ahead of me, a raccoon perhaps from the hair still on the nose. I sat it up on a nearby post to perhaps let it dry out more to share at a local conservation center. Many thoughts come to me while I roam this lovely land, and I let them  drift off to others on a gentle prairie breeze. Happiness found again and again, out on the prairie.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Prairie Songs

 Rattlesnake Master

Compass Plant

A simple plant
Lines the roadside
Iridescent blue
Marks a path
To happiness.

Eastern Kingbird

Hold out your hands and catch the spirit carried on a gentle prairie breeze. It sometimes whispers a song or chant that has been carried across this land for centuries. The wealth of happiness and good thoughts made by nature as it surrounds one with  beauty can sometimes be overwhelming. I always like to thank the land and its residents for giving me such a great day and loads of memories in my photographs. There is always something new to discover and enjoy in the gentle land that beckons me to return again for another visit. I was greeted on this day with a Brown Thrasher singing in a chorus with a Song Sparrow, welcoming me to this lovely area. I closed my eyes and just listened to the celebration of life that was all around. It is so nice to return and be greeted so nicely, and I always look forward to hearing more. It was a new day in an old land, out on the prairie.