Saturday, June 9, 2012

Its Hot

 I think I'll get a white horse

                                                           Maybe with a touch of grey

                                                          Then I think about a mule

                                                           Care and maintenance get in the way
                                                          It will have to be some other day.

 This poor grasshopper
Met it's fate on barb wire

Shrimp Fried Noodles


  1. This post covered a wide territory today. I like the whimsical poetry.
    As always some interesting photos.

  2. oh the poor poor grasshopper. death by barb wire has got to hurt.

  3. Oh my God, what an unlucky jump for that poor grasshopper.

  4. Horses in the shade and Black-Eyed Susans. Beautiful.
    Happy weekend, jj

  5. Yum... The shrimp fried noodles look great. I used to love shrimp fried rice --but haven't had any in a long time.

    Looks like those animals are doing what we humans would do on a hot day: Looking for SHADE!!!!!!

    Too bad about the grasshopper...

  6. Those horses are so pretty. I'd hate to be out there when it's so hot. That poor grasshopper. How'd he get stuck there? Did his legs get caught? We are in for some 90 degree weather this week. Not as hot as you though! Have a nice Sunday!

  7. Now just How did that grasshopper DO that?? Crazy...
    It's hot here too...and those noodles look great!!

  8. Steve ... your pictures make me moan one thing as I sit here overlooking the rainy valley. "I want to come home". :( Missing the prairie... xo

  9. Oh unlucky break for that hopgrasser. Beautiful horses, though and that's some fancy sauce art on your noodles. :)

  10. Steve, it might have been better to see the shrimp fried noodles before the unfortunate grasshopper shots.

  11. Yes, it IS hot. Here, too. Thanks for a photo series to get my mind of the heat for a bit. :)

  12. Not feeling sorry for the grasshopper... not one bit. :)

  13. I'm glad it wasn't shrimp and grasshoppers at the end there...


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