Thursday, June 28, 2012

When You Are Hot

 NCAA College World Series

 These kids were a bit rowdy to catch their picture. What a unique experience to be part of. Now the Olympic Swim trials are going on also, with six swim tickets already given to future medal winners.

 For me I headed to the Emerald City, the heat is unbearable and I was invited to play with friends.

A hollyhock in the middle of nowhere, out on the prairie.

Near record highs are keeping all the flowers growing out on the prairie. It is best to get out early when this happens, I have found some great lakes to enjoy in the Salt Valley in Nebraska.I need a boat I say each year, but my kayaks work well for most of what I need. They are a bit awkward for fishing, but it can be done. I have the weekend off and hope someone asks me to go out on a photo shoot, I need to unwind after already working my forty hours this week and have two more days to go.Yesterday I met a parent of one of my clients and the praise given makes me happy to be working with these "gentle people". We all need to extend our lives to make this world a better place to live. Happiness is shared,out on the prairie, carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh Mister Bluebird

The Killdeer fluttered and chattered down the trail, announcing his arrival on the trail. It was a windy day and all the flowers introduced themselves as he passed.A tiny bluebird house was just ahead and he stood watching to see if a bill of one of the parents might show out the hole in front. He waited for a moment and walked cautiously toward the home. Taking out the nail that held the front door he carefully opened it to find a new clutch of eggs. He smiled seeing a second set of eggs in this old house. Walking across the prairie he went to the next house and found some tiny birds hungry and eager to be fed. He shut it quickly when the father swooped in and walked off to the side hoping to get a good photo of him, but his presence kept him away.He hoped to return and see the parents again, sighting a beautiful bloom across the plain.What a wonderful day to enjoy out on  the prairie.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'll Have To Think About It

Taking a walk in the woods
With Lily
Such a tiny dog
Dog gone kind of silly.

Turkey Vultures catching height to go roost.

 Swamp Milkweed

Prairie Rose

I met a Rose today
But totally missed hearing her name
But glad to get to meet her.

 A favorite today, even though it is a thistle.

 I noticed the turkeys crossing on the tracks after getting home.

This reminded me of an older brother who had a roommate who only knew one song well on guitar, Froggie Goin A Courtin'.

Uh Huh, we sang it a lot

Loess Hills across the lake.

I caught all the good fish
Maybe all on that lake
Fishing today was more my game
Out on the prairie until late.

Monster Largemouth Bass, my best catch of the day going through 50 worms.