Monday, May 28, 2012

Peaceful Morning

Sycamores reaching to the skies
It is amazing how tall they can be
Reaching into the heavens
Helping us to breathe.
 You rent a caboose for the night here
I need to give it a few tries
I know many who agree
This is an exciting place to be
Out on the prairie. 

Did someone say ride
I guess they did
This area got a workout
A county program added
Not for the faint of heart
This is the start of
Looking for snakes in the park.

The prettiest horse in the park
I am always partial
To dapples and Grey's
I think I will park my heart.


  1. What a beautiful horse...I like the last line in your writing; very lovely! the train cars are cool!

  2. I'm a fan of sycamore trees, so I really enjoyed that shot. And I love horses...any size, shape, or thanks for feeding my addiction today. :)

  3. Looking for snakes in the park on horseback? what do they do when they find them? The caboose looks like a fun place to spend a night.

  4. You can rent those? Cool!!!
    Use to love horseback riding!

  5. Cool caboose but I'll pass on looking for snakes in the park.

  6. Out on the Prairie is definitely the place to be!!!!! That caboose reminded me of one sitting on the top of a mountain in West Virginia. Our steam train went to the top of the mountain (no roads around) and then back down. Some people with suitcases got off the train at the top... I found out that they rented the caboose and were spending the night up there on the mountain that night. The train would come back the next day to pick them up. Wouldn't that be fun to do???? I'd love it --but I'll bet the price is STEEP....

  7. These cabooses are dressed up very nicely. I their working days they were pretty drab inside.

  8. Oh to rent a caboose sounds so fancy. I have only heard or seen them in cartoons and not only that what a great words it is.

  9. What a fun place to spend the night! :)

  10. Your Prairie is so beautiful!


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