Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Little Bit Of Something

Twin-crested Cormorants

The comforts of home
Going back is so nice you see
Everything is well worn
And feels so amazingily
Back at my other house
Out on the prairie.

 My friend Ruth, a lady who can never have enough flowers you see, a good friend and a neighbor to me.My heart soared when I saw her today, i had brought her a favorite, fresh blackberries and mums like a daisy.

ahhhh the comforts of home.......................................


  1. There's just no place like home. I love the photo of Ruth with the flowers...and all the other flowers, too, especially that gorgeous iris.

  2. Awesome blue iris in first picture. Like the yellow lady slippers.

  3. How neat that you are back home... Is this permanent or temporary????? Looks like you have found everything at home in great shape...

    Love your Clematis blooms. Ours hasn't bloomed yet. And those tiny orchids are so pretty....

    Welcome HOME.

  4. The prairie is so beautiful in Spring, people included.

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  5. Incredible cormorant tree !!!
    The blue and white iris is a beauty.
    Beautiful clematisis. Mine is late a little bit, only in buds.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful, as is Ruth. I don't think I've ever seen those kinds of birds in a tree before. Have a good weekend.

  7. there's no place like home. Love that white and blue iris

  8. I love seeing cormorants. They're some of my favorite birds. I've never seen so many before.

  9. I love cormorants. The first ones I ever saw were in Nicaragua. I was told their feathers don't have any waterproofing oil, so after they're done fishing they have to roost in a tree and spread out their wings to dry out.

  10. Those cormorants sure like to gather in large groups. I counted over one hundred last year on Albert Lea lake in Myre/Big Island State Park.... Beautiful flowers and friends... :)

  11. Gorgeous photos of your flowers, Steve. And Ruth looks like a sweetie. Hug Lily for me. :)

  12. Amazing to see cormorants growing on a tree, Steve. OK I know they are really not growing there, fun shots and the flowers were lovely as is your neighbor, Ruth.

  13. Oh yes... the comforts of home!! But that first photo - stunning!

  14. It is almost as if cormorants have their own special form of sculpture. They are living art!

  15. wonderful pictures. the flowers are all so lovely.

  16. first time visiting and commenting on your blog; I love your pictures; those bird ones are great! What a sweet neighbor lady you have too! enjoy your day!



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