Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Out And About

A century farm
Held by one family
Turned into many more
Out on the prairie.

Caught in the lens by another

I was so impressed
With this gentle lass
Fishing for trout
In her Sunday best
Matching pole and dress.

Shades of purple
Cover my hills
A gentle painting
Of winter being tucked
So gently  away.

Red buds are calling
I watch as they grow
Purple clouds growing
More and more still.


  1. Great photos. I always enjoy going on a walk with you.

  2. You always find such interesting subjects. I love the little anglerette.

  3. Great serie, Steve !
    I love particularly the old Church.
    Nice writting too.

  4. What a great selection of photos, the two which I like the most are the fisher girl and the old broken down church. I feel that must have some history to tell.

  5. Looks like another beautiful day "out on the prairie."

  6. I never knew that dresses and fishing could mix.

  7. Love these splashes of spring. Makes me eager for the bloom to really begin in Minnesota. I like the fishergirl, too.

  8. What a sweet little fishergirl. Love the matching dress and rod. Beautiful set of photos all around.

  9. What a sweet little fishergirl. Love the matching dress and rod. A beautiful set of photos all around.

  10. What charming shots! Very lovely.

  11. I have enjoyed my visit. Always a pleasure to read and view.

  12. you sure do find some interesting things when you are out. I love the old church


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