Sunday, March 25, 2012


Have you ever fed chili to a one year old, knowing she wouldn't be delicate in her eating, in fact a bit messy and likes to eat all with her hands? Thank God her mother knew just what to do, since the chili was hers to share.
 My first tulip

Tiny Black Angus babies strewn all over the field

This little piggy played in the mud

These Loess Hills were barren from trees and similar to this growth, except the Eastern Cedar is an invasive species. Prairie fires kept this landscape mostly grasses and forbs for centuries.

No Bull

Isn't this at the right tilt as the tower of Pisa?

A huge flock of Blue Geese in flight

Look at the orange tag on the neck of the Trumpeter Swan on the right


  1. The pictures of your granddaughter are just too cute. I remember those days of messy faces. At least she is enjoying her meal :)
    What is that on the swans neck? It looks like a tag of some sort

  2. Love those pigs!

    Yes, we've had similar chili incidents before.

  3. Like many of your readers I have been lucky and have the experience of fun with food with my children, now grown up. Maybe someday grandchildren, who knows. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, and I really liked the leaning silo too.

  4. The little chili-eating human is adorable, even with chili all over her face. Those hills are interesting. We might have to add those to our list of places to see some day.

  5. Loved all your pictures! What a cutie in the first few and what beauty in the last one!

  6. Oh! Love the "chili" shots!! precious!
    And just LOOK at all those geese! Wow!

  7. Great pictures the chili eating baby is the best.
    I am happy I found you on Dawn's blog. Great shots. B

  8. I love the tower tilt, and the chili lovin' baby!

  9. That chilli face! I bet she was in the bathtub within seconds after those photos were taken.

    The goose flock is amazing.

  10. Very nice set of photos. Pretty child and I love your comparison with the tower of Pisa.

  11. Loved the easy-wash chili child ;) Your pictures, as always, take me right there. I've never been out on the prairie but would recognize it immediately after seeing it through your eyes.

  12. Steve, your granddaughter has the right idea about eating chili as there's no messy clothes to wash afterwards (smart mom!) The shots of blue geese were similar to the snow geese that fill the fields in these parts. Yes that tilt looked familiar.


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