Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arbor Day State Park

Sterling Morton had a great idea and helped establish  this interesting park and foundation in Nebraska City, Nebraska.A lovely visit and I hope to repeat it through the seasons.

 A tiny little country home

The white smell the best

Apple orchard

Carrion Beetles

 Look at all the redbuds blooming on the hillsides, they are everywhere.


  1. Great pics! I like the monument, and also the old barn.

  2. Quite an estate here, nice to see it preserved.

    The "treaty" did not work out too well for the Pawnees in the the long term. You have to wonder what they must have felt at the time it was signed. Defeat? Resignation?

  3. Hi Steve, Looks like you are really enjoying Nebraska... It's gorgeous there. Love all of the blooming trees/flowers...

    OH--since that house is so tiny ---do you think they'd sell it to me for $1 or two???? I could enjoy that ole tiny thing.... ha ha ha

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. Arbor Day has contributed so much to the country. The more trees, the better. Love how all's coming alive, such pretty photos. And that barn, ahhh! Thanks for stopping by. Gator meat tastes sorta like chicken, but tougher. Folks marinate it over night (usually).

  5. gulp, a small little white house? GeezLouise, that is some house...can't imagine cleaning it though :)but as my husband says, if you can afford a house that big, you can afford a maid- I guess!
    Love the photo of the single daffodil Steve; great job!

  6. I love that park! The mansion and the carriage house are so interesting to walk through. :)

  7. Glad you are also having some great weather on your excursions, Steve. Yes, a very nice little house.

  8. Thank you for sharing this lovely visit with us, Steve.

  9. Why is it that your pictures always make me smile? Thanks for bringing spring to us, Prairie-Style!!! Thanks also for stopping my by blog on such a consistent basis! I appreciate it !


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