Monday, January 16, 2012

A Day Off

 A thought that should not be
So many in our land
Going to bed hungry
Helping those so close around
Can make those numbers
Slowly go down
And then you will see
 More smiles around your town.

 This fellow was filming his feat, I watched and tried to shoot more for him  on many tries.

 This hill was so scary as a kid, trying to navigate it on my tiny bike.

 Yes, the big guy brings wax paper for this slide to make everyone go faster. You are an instant hit with all around sharing your paper as they share their happiness.

 A tiny prairie found in the city.

Walking into the bakery he asked if there were any kolaches left. This can be a hypothetical question since with this tiny family bakery they can run out early, or have too many made. The lady is so nice he always hoped not to offend her; everything else is so good to eat. The previous visit had him leave with strudels and cookies, since his favorite had been the favorite with many. Today he was blessed with apricot, cherry and cream cheese. The unfortunate part was he was full from a huge church breakfast eaten in another town. He only got a half dozen, knowing he would want to taste them later. Of course he would also stop at another bakery on this day to get some olive bread to serve with the soup he would make from ingredients found at an oriental grocery.

Also part of this day would be spent shopping and enjoying the arts. He liked to visit the art museum since for two hours admission was free. He hurried to catch this time and wandered past many old friends and explored a few new ones. Part of the fun was also watching the people, a series of patrons who all shared similar interests and tastes, but still had a series of ideas toward certain pieces to enjoy. In the middle of the exhibits is a study well preserved in its beauty, a huge area to sit and ponder, or in this case listen to the winds and sounds that were carried through the walls. The wind has a song it plays across the chimney of the huge fireplace. It is fun to close your eyes and try to imagine being in the huge home this study was first created in, and feel the spirit of many who have passed through the mighty doors. He sat in the same chair each time, but today felt he should try the one behind the desk and become the chairman of fun and let all coming through share their thoughts and imaginations. Two small girls looked earnestly at him, possibly still held in tight reins of do not touch or bother others around. He shared with them a smile and then a silly face, to let them know of the freedom they really could enjoy within this setting. Their smile back warmed his heart and would be a treasure to hold onto for this beautiful day. It is always hard to leave this place, a hard decision to make, but many other activities were on his agenda.

Heading into a private gallery he often sat and watched a few people blow glass for different groups who came for visits. He sat watching the first one for a group of boys from Boy’s Town and sat for part of the fun when a Girl Scout group came through; their ending would be helping make paperweights to take home. He roved through the other small shops and galleries looking at the pretty work that was there to be shared. A lady asked if he needed help finding anything, and he thought of true happiness, but kept that thought to himself. He walked out through the sunlight and headed toward more shopping in the suburbs on his journey toward home.


  1. Steve,
    those are all fun the slide; how awesome is that!
    and yes, happiness and fun is in watching people-you can't beat it really!
    I hope you enjoy the day!

  2. That slide is the best thing I've seen, what fun that even adults can have. I love this: "still held in tight reins of do not touch or bother others around" it describes perfectly the children we see at these places (well, some of them) Where is this?

  3. That slide looks like fun! Probably does need wax paper though!Hahaaa

  4. You bring the world JOY, Steve!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day off, Steve... The visit to the Art Museum must have been fabulous...

    You are right... We need to feed the poor... It's sad to think about all of the starving people right under our noses.

    Have a good week.

  6. Hi Steve,
    Wonderful post of yours today. It is amazing that in the richest country on this planet so many go hungry...I see you had lots of fun sliding on your wax paper...enjoy your week!...Heidi

  7. Well that slide sure looks like a lot of fun and those sculptures are very cool

  8. Sounds like a fun day. That's a beautiful building, featured in your last few photos. I wondered if it housed the art gallery you visited in your story.

  9. I love the slide. I don't think I've ever seen another one like it. that is really my kind of stuff.

  10. Great serie, Steve.
    In France for tht people who go to bed hungry we have the Heart Restaurants everywhere in the country.
    I like very much the hand and the antlers of the deer in the branches of the tree.

  11. I love that slide! I always liked riding my bike down steep hills! The number of cuts and grazes I had on my knees and elbows!!Lol

  12. Thanks for taking us with you! That slide! I want to go down it!

  13. You can't get kolaches here, but when I lived in TX I was crazy for the cream cheese ones.

    I know some little boys who would love that slide!

  14. Omigosh! That slide looks wonderful. I have never seen one like it.

  15. I liked your little vacation Steve. I wish I could have gone on to the slide as well! And I was really intrigued with the "little bit of prairie" growing along the street. Nature just keeps trying and trying until she succeeds

    But most of all I really liked the story today. "A lady asked if he needed help finding anything, and he thought of true happiness, but kept that thought to himself." Some very, very powerful words you wrote here. It really touched me.


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