Sunday, January 29, 2012

Through A Watchful Eye

 The power
The feeling,
A sense of
The primitive.

It's there
Come and play.

 My favorite winter visitor,the Purple Finch.

Squirrel raced around the tree chasing two others, a game or just life. It had startled him a bit, but was amusing to watch their antics. They raced and then ran into the treetops as he approached closer. The river nearby was almost silent, with gentle ice flows bumping softly. An eagle sat watching the river intently, not caring of his approach. This mighty river looked so passive after an entire summer of flooding. Mud plains held interest when first coming into this National Refuge, wondering what was left. It was the first week opening the visitor center since the river rose and showed its might.  Even in areas thought safe, groundwater crept in and assailed the areas many thought safe. The information being passed went from headlines to the very back page, if any. It is so sad to put any tragedy in our country to one side. How can we fix a problem if we never know very much about it?

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Brenda Photo Challenge- Memories

How many of us have played in or spent some time working in a barn? They are castles of the prairie. Many are still standing after over one hundred years. Think how many memories are floating around these beauties to be found around our nation. I think of playing king of the hill on hay bales, tag or a good game of hide and seek. Hours were spent investigating every area hoping to find something new.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Bit Of This and That

 Isn't he smiling?

 Does anyone know about Paczki? I just got some today, but never tried them, I think a Polish pastry. This is a Bismark , filed with a smooth filling.

One word short of a complete sentence and the paragraph stopped in its tracks. It had been a hard day and too many words and phrases soared around his room. He grabbed a pen and wrote a few items on his next shopping list. He contemplated a recorder for when those ideas and poems arose and soothed his thoughts while driving. The phone rang and took him over a complete new course of events to think about, a visitor was possibly near. It was his intermittent tenant; he had a short layoff and always used the home. A short string of ideas arrived and took him on a writer’s journey. It was an evening to remember.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Simple Thought

 Bald Eagle enjoying  a meal

The one tree looks like it is walking away across the ice

 A tree singing opera

Between us stood a moderate storm, all sorts of thoughts and ideals combined. His thoughts raced as he looked at the people he had spent time with, his family, and those who took care of him throughout the year. It was a tough decision at what world to return to, and hard to see any emotion being traded by the wild look in his eyes. It is hard to imagine what goes on in these silent worlds many around me are contained in, a sign for yes or no may be their only communication to share. I try to look deep into their heart and soul and place myself within their situation of having life controlled by so many individuals who care for many. Your time is spread with so many and data constantly being recorded will be reviewed to make sure your lifestyle is at the best that can be offered. When I am in the right group, I have a hard time not talking and think of this while working with these gentle people who often share a lost stare or mistakenly a glare.

A smile can say a thousand words, a communication I often share. Now when I see what a valuable asset it brings I enjoy sharing this simple grimace with the world. Does it spread like sweet butter over bread, and consume many more before it stops? Or perhaps it carries on, a symbol that never stops, sharing happiness through our land, I hope it never stops. We sometimes forget this valuable tool, to share around those we meet. For one a simple treasure, for another the best part of their day or sadly their week. It is so easy to spread this wealth, a smile or even asking how is their day. Many may go the rest of the week, never having their say.
So perhaps we need to look around and make sure everyone is happy and not sad. You can mean so much to one person, making them feel so glad.

Often when I go into a grocery I am greeted by someone else shopping there. I am not sure if it is how friendly the Midwest can be, my similarity to someone they have met, or just a sense of the happiness with the smile I carry on my face. It comes so easy to greet everyone who might look at you and resolve a short term friendship with them. Often I enjoy this brief encounter and treasure any conversation that it may lead to. I like to thank those that work where I am shopping by name, should they have a name tag for me to acknowledge. Such small advances again could make someone’s day better. One of the things we forget with those around us is that we share this world. We share it all the time, and many times just take what keeps our lives going for granted. Try it out if you haven’t already done so. Greet all who you make eye contact with, and thank all you meet who make your world happen. It doesn’t cost you anything, but yet can make you millions in pleasure.