Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Driver, Everyday

 What is more wonderful
                   Than a sunset
No matter where it is.

 No matter where it is
                                                                  Smiles like music
                                                                  Uplift the soul.
 I can feel
                                                                           Your smile
                                                                           From here.

A collection of poems from comments.

A simple ride turned into a delight after not finding what I looked for over one hour or better. I was looking for a tract of prairie, 240 acres, so one would think an easy find. Here in the hill country it is hard to see every turn in the road. It seems when I am looking for something really intense, that I wander into more traffic. Why do they follow when I travel slower than speed limit? With the irritation of those who need to follow close, and frustration of not finding my area, I found an old area I had visited a few years ago.

I had remembered this being a very steep set of trails and took off heading to the top of a hill that was in front of me. It was a bit slick, the snow was melting and making the trail hard to maneuver on. I still had on my Sunday go to meeting clothes and needed a better tread on my boots rather than the riding boots I wore. With the warm weather I had hoped to find someone ready to take a horse out on the trails, but didn’t find anyone. Even with a few switchbacks, parts of this trail are often almost 60 degrees. I walked on the sides of my boots going up, not worrying about the trip down. Doing the splits a few times, I thought of a few people who could do this and not feel bad later, but I wasn’t one of these people.

I could tell by the rounded edges on the entire set of tracks I saw, that all had been along my route on previous days. I soon lost all except what I felt was a fox. Soon a turkey clan set of tracks joined us, much fresher on the trail. I hoped they were just ahead of me, but their keen eyesight and hearing kept them out of my sight. I looked across a steep gully and saw I was level with the top of the hill across from me. A doe rose up and let our distances enlarge, hoping to never meet. I could trace her trail better, watching her ascend done the steep hillside. I wondered if this might be a good descent heading back, but my clothes were too nice.

Walking across a saddle that joined two hills, I found the top of the ridge I had sighted below, was even higher with another slope. I walked out on the edge of a narrow ridge to look down on the trail I had walked and was amazed at the altitude I had climbed. As I climbed to the top I stopped and asked for health and happiness to all I know and love. I waited to catch the spirit of this wonderful hike and stood admiring the scenery the day offered. Walking back I had to walk in deep leaves and hold onto the saplings along the hillside so as not to fall again as I had on the way up. Five deer rose up when I side tracked over a hillside. They ran down the hill much faster than I felt I would ever try. Getting down onto a slight slope I still walked very carefully down to the parking. This will be an area to further explore, sometimes when you get to the top ridge you can go for a number of miles.


  1. What a great place for an afternoon walk. It almost looks like Tennessee, except for the snow.
    I need to read about the Loess Hills. and how they rose out of such flat plains-

  2. Sounds like you got your good clothes dirty regardless. All the pictures are wonderful but the third from the top is rather Arthur Rackhamish.

  3. It's looking so cold in your pictures, but I did enjoy the hike from the comfort of my computer room. :)

  4. How beautiful Steve... You brighten my life, do you know that?

  5. Is that little blue stem? What a great find. :)

  6. Yes, that is Little Bluestem growing around all the yucca on the hillside.

  7. How delightful. I especially like the shot of your boots. The comment poems are nice. Your world is so peaceful and refreshing.

  8. I suggest keeping a set of play clothes in your car for such occasions :) Sounds like a lovely day though

  9. I love these pictures. They look like home to me now.

  10. I love to walk and see all the tracks in the snow. I can't identify anything except the bunnies though. :) Our snow has melted these past couple of days.

  11. "As I climbed to the top I stopped and asked for health and happiness to all I know and love. I waited to catch the spirit of this wonderful hike and stood admiring the scenery the day offered"

    What a lovely picture you portray right here. Says much about you and the loves in your life.

  12. Sounds like quite an outing!

    I've gotten turned around a few times when I've been out running trails. It's a little unnerving.

  13. I was surprised to learn that wild turkeys are actually very intelligent creatures. It makes me even more excited when I see them hanging out near country roads! This sounds like a wonderful place and I can see what it inspired a prayer. I feel closest to all things spiritual when I'm out in nature too.

  14. now have Snow!
    Stay warm!

  15. Very interesting photos! I enjoyed this read as I felt I was tagging along. Thanks!

  16. Winter colors are so subtle - thanks for sharing such lovely photos.

  17. It looks like a wonderful area to explore.


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